I Can Dream Picture

Title: I Can Dream

Size: 16"w x 20"h x 0.5"d (sides are painted black; ready to hang)

Medium: Oil on canvas

Technique: Finger painted

Date: 2007

Story: Even the unlovable have dreams of being loved.

The myth of Polyphemus the cyclops and Galatea the nymph is one of unrequited love. The race of cyclopes, known for their skill as blacksmiths, were notoriously ugly. The nymphs were vain, and like the elements they personified, were capricious as well. Regardless, Polyphemus dreamed.

Perhaps we are never as unlovable or as ugly as we think we are, or as some may see us; the treasure is to find the people who can see our beauty, and in beholding us, embrace our humanity. Our distinct advantage over Polyphemus is the ability to see depth with our two eyes.

This 16" x 20" finger painted image blossoms with rich and brilliant hues, reflecting Polyphemus' thoughts of Galatea. Hang this original painting anywhere, a sign that beauty found in all things, even in ugliness, is a sign of freedom.

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