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Galatea- The Sea Nymph

Galatea was one of the most famous nymphs in mythological history. She is one of few to actually been named in a myth. She was also the lover of Acis, a fresh water nymph.

In addition to this, she aslo caught the eye of Polyphemus, son of Poseidon. He was a cranky, ugly Cyclops; but he completely transformed his character for her.
One day when she was with Acis, she heard Polyphemus sing to her of his love, and what he would do to Acis if he ever had the chance. Polyphemus was in a foul mood, and in this mood, he happened to catch Galatea with Acis.

Galatea was able to escape into the sea, but Acis had to run. Polyphemus ripped off a mountaintop and threw it at him, hitting hard enough to be fatal.

Galatea was powerless to help Acis, but called on his grandfather, the river god, to help. Acis became a river god, and was permanently separated from his salt water lover, Galatea.

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