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I've decided to design another Sonic Fan-Character, and one who is rather awesome and interesting. This one who is a robot, more specifically one of the Gizoid robots, like Emerl and the others.

This is my reference sheet for my newest Sonic FC, "Polyphemus The Prototype Gizoid." He was certainly a pain to draw, especially to get that robotic look right, but I like how I got him in the end. I was partially inspired for him by this character, Merlow The Gizoid, who appears on these awesome Youtube Videos by DestructionSeries, and by a few other things too. Expect to see more of Polyphemus in future artworks of mine too.

Name: Polyphemus

Age: [Time of Creation Unknown]

Species: Robot/Prototype Gizoid

Affiliation: Neutral

Personality: Polyphemus is a prototype for the series of Nocturnus combat androids known as the Gizoids. For the most part, he demonstrate little to no emotions, largely due to being a robot. However, he is equipped with an Artificial Intelligence system, much like the other Gizoids, and has his own free will and personality, although his personality is very stoic for the most part.
He is capable of speech and despite being a robot, he normally uses typical speech and does not use lengthier words instead, talking in a more easier to understand manner. However, he has been known to make glitching sounds or abrupt pauses at times when talking, mainly a problem due to his memory deterioration. He also notices subtle behaviours in others quickly, and usually will point out when someone has been showing consistent behaviors involved with affection and companionship towards an ally or friend.

Due to not being preserved properly, Polyphemus has suffered a bit of mental and memory deterioration. Although his intelligence is about at average level, he has no memory of what had happened with him in the past, or of his creators from the Nocturnus Clan, or much else. He tends to be quite aggressive, and attacks anything that may pose as a threat to him or to anyone whom he may side with and not just what has to be eliminated. This does not make him evil though, just that he can get a little carried away in battle, and can be quite hostile too. This mostly comes from the face that he was originally built as a robot suited for combat. However, due to his weapon scanning ability, if he were to face against a foe armed with a weapon he has not yet scanned, he might instead try to stall out the fight in order to try and scan the foe's weapon into his memory before engaging full-on in combat.

It can be difficult to get on Polyphemus's good side, but when you are on his side, he can be quite a helpful ally and protector. However, he can be overprotective of fellow companions, even to the point of becoming a bit of a yandere for allies of his. This gives him sort of a berserk trigger to him as well. Harm someone whom he has formed a strong bond with, or give the notion of trying to take that person away from him, and he's out for blood.

Overview: Polyphemus was a prototype for one of the Gizoid series of combat robots. He was created by the Nocturnus Clan many years ago as an extremely powerful combat drone, and was an early model for the basic functions and purpose of the Gizoids. Later on, the Nocturnus Clan perfected their design in the other Gizoid units, as well as Emerl, and due to being obsolete for their needs, he was shut down. However, Polyphemus is actually quite powerful, and had been shown to be able to decimate entire squads of enemy forces on his own, it's just that he did not live up to the full expectations of his creators that he was deemed inferior. He looks mostly similar to the other Gizoids, except that he only has one large eye instead of three eyes, the head fins are shaped differently, his back booster is covered by a shell, and his shoulders are slightly different.

Hundreds of years later, Polyphemus was rediscovered by Eggman during his conquests. He was not in optimum condition though, due to the fact that he was not preserved properly, unlike most of the other Gizoids such as Emerl. Due to this, he was found missing both of his arms, and had suffered a bit of memory and mental deterioration, but aside from that, was still in working order for the most part. Eggman then took Polyphemus and attempted to try and repair him, as well as repurpose him as a near-mindless weapon of mass destruction to use in his empire.

However, before Eggman could succeed, the heroes managed to break into his base and found Polyphemus, where they attempted to escape with him. Upon escaping though, the heroes reactivated Polyphemus by accident. Upon his reawakening, Polyphemus ran rampant, and was first focused on defending himself while going to scan some of the weapons used by many of the Eggman robots in the base where he was being held. After scanning a number of them, Polyphemus began attacking everything in sight, even the heroes, and wrecking about half the base in the process. It wasn't until the heroes managed to convince him that they did not mean any harm, and Polyphemus then accepted them as an ally, though they had to fight against him and beat him into submission first before they were able to convince him that they were on his side.

Polyphemus now allied with the heroes, though he is more leaned towards the side of neutrality, as for he does not truly accept them as friends or anything, but merely others with similar motives as him. Mainly, he is focused on learning more from them that he either does not understand or may have forgotten over time. He is not concerned about his past though, and does not even remember whom he was created by, but he does not let this bother him at all.

The future is yet to be written for this great robot.

Polyphemus's name comes from a notable cyclops in Greek Mythology. This relates to him in two ways. First of all, it relates to the fact that he only has one eye, like a cyclops. It also relates to how in Greek Mythology, the cyclops, including Polyphemus, were known to be expert weapons forgers, known to have created weapons such as Zeus's thunderbolts. This goes with the fact that Polyphemus the Gizoid Prototype is capable of scanning and replicating other weapons. This also fits with how many of the Nocturnus Clan soldiers and Gizoids were named after beings in Greek Mythology, such as Charybdis, Scylla, etc.

Abilities: See the second reference sheet for info on Polyphemus's weapon scanning and plate units, which are his main special ability.

Aside from that, Polyphemus is also capable of flight. The shell on his back moves up to reveal a booster, which pivots, and can be used to fly. He can also use his booster to float dash along the ground in a manner similar to Metal Sonic.

Polyphemus does not have arms anymore, due to losing them over time from being improperly preserved. However, he makes up for this by being surprisingly fast on his feet, and he uses the booster on his back to help maintain balance and get up with ease should he fall down. He also can use the plate units to push things, although lacking any actual hands with fingers can sometimes be a bit of a problem for him.

Unlike most of the other Gizoids, Polyphemus cannot interact with the Chaos Emeralds or utilize Chaos Powers such as Chaos Control. However, others can still use the emeralds on him to recharge energy, and he can also recharge energy through rings.

Click this link for the information on Polyphemus's special abilities. I had to divide the reference sheet into 2 sheets, for certain reasons.
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If you want to use Polyphemus in any of my artworks, please ask me first. Do not steal.
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