Aphrodite (Venus) The Goddess Of Love Picture

Gender: Female
Age: 18 (Physically), Undecided (Actually)
Status: Princess Of Venus
Relationship: Betrothed to Ares (Mars)
Best Friend(s): Her Brothers and Sister, Cupid
Like(s): Ares (Mars), her Brothers and Sister, King Flare, Queen Moon, Swans, Seashells, Roses, Love, Cupid, Singing
Dislike(s): People saying she isn't beautiful, Hunting animals, People or animals dying, Sadness, People being hurt by their lovers, People who are lonely, Her brothers fighting with each other

Aphrodite is King Flare and Queen Moon's youngest daughter and is extremely beautiful. She's very caring, kind, loved by everyone, and joyful, but is easily offended by people, especially by Hades when he doesn't know how to keep his comments to himself. She deeply loves Ares (Mars), and finds it cute how he gets jealous when people are looking at her and saying how beautiful she is. She loves music and has a beautiful singing voice. Aphrodite is also very sensual, sometimes without her meaning to be. She's also obsessed with, and loves everything about, the concept of Love and being in love, and will openly "Aww~!" at anyone holding hands or kissing or hugging, which is why she loves to spend some of her free time watching the people of Earth through her Mother and Father's Crystal Ball that allows them to watch the people of Earth and other Planets.
When she was a child, Aphrodite was kidnapped by Vaine and his gang to try and take her Goddess powers away from her and lure all the other Gods/Goddesses and Princes/Princesses to him so he could take away their powers, also and take full control of the planets and everyone residing on them to extract his revenge built up from incidents in his childhood. She was saved by Vincent and his group of Pirates, much to Ares' dismay since he wanted to save her himself.

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