Protector of the Dead: Anubis Picture

(drawn in sketchbook) done July 9, 2009

this is my #1 favorite picture i've drawn! i must have been a great mood that day, because both of my drawings came out excellent ^^

it's a drawing i did of Anubis. it's the Master Angel of Darkness, Amaya, in her divine form (millions of years ago, when there wasn't a thing called human angels)

to summerize (god i like to summerize things XD): Amaya is the daughter of the Ruler of the Underworld. i haven't really given him a SOLID name, so i've just used names from mythology and other source names. names like: Hades, Osiris, Pluto, Lucifer, the devil, and the Master. also, his wife i like to call Persephone (sp?) from mythology too ^^
anywho, Amaya is his kid, and Hatchimata is ALSO his kid (haven't decided who's older XP) Hatchimata is just evil, but Amaya has some good in her soul and wants to become an angel. but, since she was born in hell, made her a demon. i don't have a SOLID story for her, but she goes to earth dressed as Anubis. like a reaper (HAH! see how modern Amaya came up with that!! XP) she'll harvest souls for her father and bring them back to the netherworld. still with the goal of becoming an angel and becoming good, she becomes friends with 6 angels, not telling them who she is, and some early humans, she befriends them
one day on earth, her sister escapes and goes to earth, wanting to become overlord of the world and turn its creatures into misery and dispair. since the ruler of the underworld can't leave, Amaya is told by her father to stop Hatchimata from taking over the world. so, with the help of her friends, she defeats her. BUT, in order to keep Hatchimata from coming back and ruling the world, the 6 angels and her create the Divine Items. to make things straight, the Divine Items were made JUST like that Milennium Items. they killed 99 innocent souls and killed 1 evil human soul to create 7 Divine Items (difference from the Milennium Items, they killed 100 souls, but didn't know if they were innocent or evil. so THAT'S why the Divine Items lasts for eons, and the Milennium Items only last 3,000 years (or 5,000)) the tomb and seal of the items is the Golden Bracelet Amaya wears. every angel, in turn, took one item and kept it in their family line
for her services on earth, she became an angel. the problem with all of this was, the 6 (now 7) angels would have to stay on earth and live their lives out as both humans and angels. they do, and they split up across the known worlds to live like the humans. this is when Amaya creates a last name for herself and calls herself 'Amaya Hebitsukai'. and when they DO die, all 7 angels become Master Angels

there's more to the 'short' (YAH RIGHT!) summery, but i'll post up the 2nd half of the story on a different picture

she is holding the Divine Ankh in her hand, the Golden Bracelet is attached to her arm, her black cloak (with jackel ears) and her mighty sword in her hand

sorry that the summery is sort of long, but i don't have a place where i wrote all this down. so... yah...

if you would like me to finish this picture and color it in and stuff like that (because i have NO intention to) comment me ^^
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