Hades Picture

God of the underworld.... (Attempt at ghost on top... That's why I also drew a hand... Getting drug down there....)
Has pet Cerberus (dog paws)
He has a septor thing....

And Roman name means Pluto....

Day 1: Yourself or your persona.
Day 2: 2. Someone you like (celebrity, significant other, or crush)
Day 3: One, some, or all of your friends.
Day 4: An animal you think is really cute.
Day 5: Your favourite outfit.
Day 6: Something you’ve never drawn before.
Day 7: Your family or a family member.
Day 8: Something with your favourite colour.
Day 9: Your favourite cartoon/anime character.
Day 10: Something you couldn’t live without.
Day 11: Your favourite food.
Day 12: An inanimate object.
Day 13: A group picture.
Day 14: Your favourite book character.
Day 15: Someone from your favourite board or video game.
Day 16: Something that represents your favourite song.
Day 17: Your favourite holiday.
Day 18: A couple (any two people).
Day 19. Something you’re afraid of.
Day 20. A comic.
Day 21. Something you don’t like.
Day 22. Your favourite season.
Day 23. Something that makes you happy.
Day 24. Something that represents your favourite culture/country/language.
Day 25. Someone or something from mythology.
Day 26. Your favourite sweet food/candy/etc.
Day 27. Your favourite scene from a movie.
Day 28. A room.
Day 29. Your favourite weather.
Day 30. Something you’d like to share with your followers or friends
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