''Phew!'' Picture

NOTE:Their tails are swishing back and forth so right now,it's behind them.
Josselyn held her breath.
The figure stepped out of the trees and it turned out to be a...
who the heck was this?
(A wild Jossy has appeared!)
The mare had a gren/blue coat,light brown ponytail,purple glasses,and...multi-colored eyes?
The mare was holding up a bow and...hold up,water and ice floating around it?
"Oh!"She said.She set down her bow and slung it around her neck.
The mare walked up to Josselyn and stuck out her hoof.
"Jossy,daughter of Neptune and Apollo."Jossy said.
Josselyn stared.'Daughter of TWO gods?'
"Uh....I'm Josselyn,daughter of..."Josselyn paused.
Jossy waited.
"Oh!"Jossy said."You don't know who your godly parent is."
Josselyn stared.'So,I'm supposed to have a godly parent..?'
Jossy someow read her face.
"Well,if you've been attacked by Greek or Roman mythology monsters,then you're a demi-god."Jossy explained.
Josselyn's brain was exploding.
"Well,I'm a roman demi-god,I don't know about you."Jossy said.
Josselyn couldn't take it anymore.
She summoned another amy of skeletons and ran away.
Jossy's eyes widened.
The skeletons were different this time.
They were yellow skeletons.
"Oh my gods!"Jossy said"She's daughter of Pluto,blessed by Apollo!"
Jossy ran away while the skeletons followed Josselyn to protect her.

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