Stygian Passage Picture

This is the first of three shots I took in Dixie Caverns (located just north of Salem, VA). Cave photography is extremely difficult - partly because there is so little light, and partly because the photographer is constrained to a tour group (at least in non-spelunking caverns like Dixie) and doesn't usually have the time to get the long exposure times required for these sort of shots. I took many shots in the caverns, but I wasn't pleased with any of them except three (and this one isn't particularly great; I just loved the composition).

Oh, and by the way, it's pronounced STEE-she-an. The title is a reference to the River Styx of Roman mythology, the border and carrier to the underworld ruled by Pluto and his consort Persephone.

Exif (the one showing is probably wrong): f-4.0 & 1/25, ISO-400, positive flash - focal length 18mm
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