Hermes COLORED Picture

Sorry it's so biiiiig, but I really just want the focus to be on Hermes, so go ahead and ignore all that unnecessary sky ;D Or if it really IS that unnecessary, tell me and I'll crp it down. INPUT IS ALLLLWAYS VALUED.

So anywho, this is the colored version of the Hermes Lineart I did a few weeks ago. This was a lot of fun to color, not gonna lie. I was afraid of how his skin was coming out, cause I used orange as the base. HOPEFULLY, he doesnt look that orange to you guys. He looks delightfully tan on mine, but my computer's colors might be different from yours.

So yeah. I love his hair. It was such fun to do.

sketch done in .7 #2 mechanical pencil
colored in easy paint tool SAI

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picture © me
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