Character Sheet - Andromeda Picture

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Age: 18

Personality: Elegant and full of sorrow. Secretly suffused with hope. Loyal and gracious.

How do they open their gate: With the chains of sacrifice, Andromeda appears to submit to fate in opening her gate.


Cetaceous Surge: Summons a monstrous whale of foaming green sea water.

Hands of Fate: Opponents arms are shackled to a rock by disembodied ethereal hands. This is usually performed in conjunction with other attacks.

Fateful Sacrifice: Andromeda may lay down her life as a final effort, transforming herself into a foamy, ethereal cloud and enveloping her opponent, only to disappear. It's a great trick, but, like Daffy Duck, she can only do it once.

Weaknesses: She is easily overwhelmed, often requiring outside assistance, and has a martyr complex.

Aethel (pronounced "Ethel") was raised by a single mother hellbent on breeding her for the spotlight to live out her own failed dreams. In spite of the harsh and controlling treatment, Aethel turned into a uniquely sweet individual, although very reserved. Her appearance of being some kind of child star is usually a turnoff to people who assume that she is unapproachable and she therefore has few friends. It probably doesn't help that she's insufferably self sacrificing, expressing little will of her own. Aethel dreamt of living a quieter life when her mother could no longer control her. Maybe working in a trendy record store or working as a hot concierge at a nice hotel. But her secret life as a senshi pretty much throws a wrench in those plans.

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