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Vital Statistics

Name: Kara

Title: Valkyrie of Children Guardian Valkyrie of the Haddock family

Gender: Female

Dragon: none

Friends and Allies: The Gods of Asgard, her sister Valkyries, Una, Boden, Stoick, Valka, Hiccup, Toothless, Stardust, Moon Shadow, Nightrainbow, Cloudjumper Toothless and Moon Shadow's children eventually Astrid as well.

Status: Immortal

Location: Valhalla specifically her home is her cloud 'apartment" (Each Valkyrie's got a magical cloud she lives in for her personal space)


Her Valkyrie Sisters and her leader Freya. She also considers the whole Haddock Clan to be her family as well.

Voice of Choice? Nicole Oliver who you might recognize as the voice of
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