Dam look at that Picture

This year was CRAZY. Even I can tell there's improvement, and ick I can barely stand to look at my work from may-jan. Also I forgot when I joined tumblr but I didn't really get into it until near summer break with the Oncest stuff.

I..uh guess I'll write a summary?

Jan. Nothig speical, heck I barely drew that month.

Feb. Drew some demons. Kuka was born in this month. .C.

March. Oh boy I was extremely interested in Smokey/Pluto friendship it was my otp?..maybe. Messed around with her future(although by now its competently changed psh) and I went all fangirl on her characters. Also when I started on my "story" idea. I got it from WTFmanga somehow

April: still fangirling over nut's OCs and the otp, made a few FCs although they're dead now and so is the series?? Also did the ask!adultsmokey stuff. Sheesh the art is crappy there. B<

May: Tried to bring back a FC from the dead and convert her to OC..didn't work out I guess? Joined the Pokemongroup thingy, made a few OCs, did some questions and art for others. Oh and I doodled alot in school.

June: Uh..random stuff? Drew some stuff and tried out Sai trial.

July: got into tumblr more and made CS(dont ask how just go along with it) Started to attempt with humans, didn't look right NOPE. Created Jamine/Aidan. <3 and played around with my style.

August: More drawings, for others and myself blah blah.

September: began shading, first black but then I read some shading tips soo. C: That month was life changing. Also I drew a lot.

October: Created Ralph and a bunch of characters. Started to seriously brainstorm for storyyyy.

November: showed a few offmy story OCsss, got sai back and began more experimenting. Drew and drew. My interest in demons/mythology bloomed this month.

December: Starting to write bios, more practice on humans, and drew some stuff for people! Plus made a mini story. C:

Lastly..uuuhhh the characters in Jan, march, April, may, and Sept aren't mine.

But the rest areeee.
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