Avengers Neo- Pluto Picture

This is a picture of a character from my Marvel/Power Rangers/TMNT fanfiction story world.

This is Pluto, a god of the dead from ancient Greek and Roman Mythology, also known as Hades to the Greeks. Brother of Zeus and Poseidon/Neptune, he drew lots with his brothers over dominion over the realms after defeating their father, the Titan king Kronos, with Hades gaining dominion over the Underworld, known as Tartarus, while Zeus won the Sky and Poseidon gaining the seas. He initially had no maliciousness in his heart, content to rule over the dead, and damn or reward them as their final reward. His one offence against the other Gods was kidnapping Persephone, the Daughter of Demetre, and tricking her into being bound to stay in the underworld for half the year, though he says he negotiated with Zeus for the right to take her as a bride. He is an ally of many of the denizens of Tartarus, such as Charon, the ferryman of the dead, Hecate, a goddess of witchcraft, and Cerberus, the three headed guard dog of the underworld. When worship of the Olympians transferred to the Romans, Hades took the name of Pluto, a name meant to flatter him and keep death at bay, for it was a name derived from "Wealth", and Pluto began to be associated with the riches found under the earth, as he was given dominion over not only the land of the dead, but of all the lands below the surface as well.

When worship of the Olympians faltered, Pluto began to fester, as the dead no longer entered Tartarus, entering the realms of other Pantheons. Bitter, Pluto began to be influenced by the demonic nature of neighbouring underworlds that sprung up as the concept of the Underworld began to be associated with Hell, and demons began to bleed into Tartarus.
When the Gods of Olympus awakened during the reforging of the Corona Aurora, Pluto awakened and began to scheme to take the throne of Olympus from his brother Zeus, at first by taking the incomplete Corona for himself, but was defeated by Hercules and Thor. He later sided with his sister Hera in helping to take down Hercules and the Avengers, and has been a thorn in the side of Hercules and his team of Avengers ever since.

As a god of death, Pluto has control of any being bound to his realm, and can grant life to those he chooses. His master of energy is unsurpassed by any Olympian save Zeus himself, and he knows a variety of magical spells. As an Olympian, he is quite strong, durable and ageless, and is nearly impossible to kill. He also controls a special helmet of Invisibility forged for him by the Cyclopi.

I made this picture from Dolls I found here www.angelfire.com/on3/lilyshan… by the artist Lilly and it is used with permission.
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