Sailor Freyja - Round I Picture

My entry for the Miss Senshi Pageant. A little about my senshi...

My name is Ran Nyx and I have both Norse (Father) and British (Mother) blood in my veins. I was born in Dublin, Scotland - though conceived in Norway (We moved around a lot)- and I moved to Tokyo just after I began experiencing horrible nightmares. In my past life I was the Norse goddess Freyja, goddess of love, beauty, fertility, war, and death - though I mostly focused on love. I was constantly patronized by Loki so I decided to restart a new, mortal life in the Human Realm.

1.) Why are you here?
I am here because I want to start a new life and help other senshi when they need it. My main priority is to seek out lost senshi and reunite them as the family we all once were.

2.) Who is your role model? / Who or what inspires you?
My rolemodel has to be Sailor Pluto, she is wise, beautiful, and polite - a woman who represents royalty. My inspirations come from Mythology - none specific - listening about the stories of powerful people - Gods, demi-Gods, humans alike.

3.) Why do you think we should choose you as one of our final contestants?
It will help inspire other senshi to go after their dreams, and who knows, we may all be united once again.

4.) What makes you most uncomfortable
I hate it when people gossip about anything, especially about others. I especially am uncomfortable with the idea of innocence being threatens. When that happens, I make sure my uneasy feeling changes to anger.

5.) What makes you happy?
Every thought of happiness is drawn by when I see people getting along in a state of peace and tranquility. I especially enjoy being around others who are happy and full of life.

6.) What makes you scared?
My fear is one that is rare amongst us senshi and rarely heard. I have Erotophobia - the fear of sexual question or love - mostly the sexual love (It's very contradicting).

7.) What intimidates you?
People threatening the over-all balance between light and dark. People getting hurt for no reason.

8.) What makes you confident?
The fact that I am able to assist people when required and have people who will assist me when need be.

9.)What do you find most challenging about being a senshi?
I really just want to help people in general, not just the people of Earth but other people in the endless universes beyond our own.

10.) What is beauty according to you?
Beauty is commonly sought to be materialistic - something you own, but that is wrong. A beautiful person to me is someone who always tries their best and makes their own miracles for the people they love. Those type of people are ones with a heart of gold, people who wear their heart on their sleeve and truly define beauty. For beauty is not on the outside, it's how you make life for others, and how you treat them.

11.) Describe yourself in two words.
Loyal and honest.

12.) What would you name your autobiography?
Love's Enchantment on Life

13.) Life begins at.....................
Finding anyone who truly makes your life worth living.

14.) What would be your logo on a T-shirt?
A glowing red heart with large white wings holding it

15.) Describe humanity.
Humanity - a treasure to hold when loving someone(people) and defending them with all your heart.

16.) If you could be famous, in what way would you choose
Being famous is the least of my concern. I don't believe in being famous for anything. If people appreciate what you do then that's good - having an impact.
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