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This is a list you can read on your own for fun, I wanted to share this long description I created about Conversion Missions and the Sectors of Viothud. Conversion Missions of course are the missions both Obsellsors and Klebulans pursue to secure their dominance over the universe. And the Sectors are what divide the universe into recognizable sections for the Obsellsors to take note of.
Here is the list!

Conversion Missions are complicated missions that are led by the Obsellsors to reconvert a species that has turned to the Klebulan side back to theirs, these missions sometimes fail but are mostly victories, for the Obsellsors have a better hold on Viothud than the Klebulans. Usually planned by Ariel Sinclair herself, Fiel is always required to be on these missions, for he is there to defend the species in which are being attempted to convert back to the Obsellsor side. All other Obsellsors have been on Conversion Missions, except some have been viewed more critically than others, for example, Plestasar brings a bad aura to the Conversion Missions, for he created the Positive and Neutral Existence, Fiel brings with him a good feeling of determination and positivity, Mloein is usually viewed in both ways, some people do not like her for unknown reasons and others tend to love her, Hollvik is always seen in a positive way for his intricate armor and overpowering presence bring forth a sense of determination and pride, Oqytill is usually viewed in a positive way, for she helps children and people of all ages to have nice Dreams, Plutoq is seen positively only by the philosophers, because with his arrival brings great knowledge of the universe, the commoners really do not have much care for him, Ariel Sinclair brings forth a sense of overpowering awe and amazement, for her dazzling coloration hypnotized all people and causes them to want to join the Obsellsor side, for they envision having her as their central figure to rally behind instead of the puny, lanky SLOAN as some people would call him, and Junolipess brings forth the best feelings above any Obsellsor, she is seen as a goddess-like figure for her offerings and has inspired many mythological characters such as Venus, the Dreamer, the Sun Goddess of Everheaven and Aphrodite, she also stuns the people with her striking physical curvaceousness and extreme beauty, these effects usually tend to hit males more than females obviously.
As one may observe above, the chart displays all known Conversion Missions to each Sector of Viothud. To see it more clearly without the disturbance of detail through coloration, see this list below.

Frangadar Sector
Number of Conversion Missions. 1
Most Popular World. Frangadar XII
Description. The Frangadar Sector is known for being very desolate and very highly monitored by the Klebulans. Only one Conversion Mission has been launched there, and it was acquired by the Obsellsors and is still in their hands.

Qaldorba Sector
Number of Conversion Missions. 5,282
Most Popular World. Qaldorba VI
Description. This sector is unattainable for the Obsellsors, for it lies within the Great ABYSS Rift, one of the Klebulans most held areas in Viothud. Though, 5,282 Conversion Missions have been launched there, most of which are failures. The sector remains in Klebulan hands and is known for having a rare "golden world" known as Qaldorba VI. Only seven are know to exist.

San Glacia Sector
Number of Conversion Missions. 23
Most Popular World. San Glacia
Description. The San Glacia Sector is known for being highly protected by the Klebulans, meaning the Obsellsors have only sent a handful of Conversion Missions there, in which all are complete failures, for it lies in the center of the Great ABYSS Rift. San Glacia is a large world, in which is completely covered in ice. Legend has it that something very mysterious is buried three hundred miles below its tallest mountain, San Glacious Peak (49,052ft). That is actually what the Obsellsors are desperate for.

Opascarium Sector
Number of Conversion Missions. 915
Most Popular World. Opascarium II
Description. The Opascarium Sector is in Klebulan hands and is well defended, for it lies just outside the Eye of the Great ABYSS Rift. From this area, the Obsellsors have been able to launch 915 Conversion Missions to not only attempt to convert the species of the sector, but to obtain the sector's amount of rich and hidden Asherchrome that the Klebulans do not know about.

The Unknown Region
Number of Conversion Missions. 0
Most Popular World. None
Description. Known only as the Unknown Region, the Obsellsors have never yet explored this area owned rightfully by the Klebulans, for it was claimed by them very early on in history for unknown reasons. SLOAN has told Yvo and she has reported this back to the Obsellsors upon her return, saying that "SLOAN has told me of a dark entity with no real name that resides there, he has never told anyone else and has given me its name, that being Mesmosolous." This Mesmosolous has yet to be found.

Fegore Sector
Number of Conversion Missions. 206
Most Popular World. Fegore
Description. The Fegore Sector is known for its beautiful world known as Fegore that holds the largest lake in the universe. This lake is however poisonous methane and can only be accessed by Tollozie Planetary Discovery Crews (TPDC). The Obsellsors hold this sector but their hold is weak and it is constantly bombarded by the Klebulans, for it lies very near to the Unknown Region in which the Klebulans protect.

Klebulix Sector
Number of Conversion Missions. 29,083
Most Popular World. The Klebulix
Description. The Klebulix Sector is the sector that the Obsellsors have launched the most Conversion Missions to, they wish to take it and hopefully push the Klebulans back into the Eye of the Great ABYSS Rift to further their power throughout Viothud. Most of the 29,083 Conversion Missions are failures, but some have changed many species views of the Klebulans, for rebellions against the Klebulans have broke out many times throughout the sector's populous worlds.

Hobol Sector
Number of Conversion Missions. 6,165
Most Popular World. Hobol
Description. The Hobol Sector is near the edge of Klebulan territory and is highly sought after for the Obsellsors, for it is near a small but very useful pool of Asherchrome. The Obsellsors hold the pool of Asherchrome but need this sector to defend it properly.
Hobol is a very highly studied world for its intriguing shape, orbit and rotation. It is also very high in ABYSS content for unknown reasons.

Everheaven Sector
Number of Conversion Missions. 3,521
Most Popular World. Everheaven
Description. This sector is known for its very fertile worlds and for lying within an Asherchrome pool, the only of its kind to be in Klebulan hands. From this pool of Asherchrome, SLOAN has been able to raise his armies of Enden to fight against the Obsellsors. The Obsellsors are very desperate for this valuable pool of Asherchrome and want it badly. But unfortunately, they have yet to obtain it.

The Grilba Sector
Number of Conversion Missions. 39
Most Popular World. The Grilba
Description. The Grilba Sector is known for being a very great viewing point of forming planets, which are known as grilbas, but one has captivated the Obsellsor's attention very much, that one being known as the Grilba. But later on in history, after Grilgathys is banished from SLOAN's Klebulix, he takes residence here and converts the Grilba into a forming planet of ABYSS to feed on for eternity. The Obsellsors have launched 39 Conversion Missions to stop him, but all have failed.

Pluto Sector
Number of Conversion Missions. 38
Most Popular World. Pluto the Loved World
Description. The Pluto Sector is highly known throughout Viothud for its desolate space and more famously, its most popular planet, Pluto. It lies within Klebulan hands but is not used very often and is known for being weakly defended. Pluto resides here and later deorbits to start the Pluto Wars event. The event marks the destruction of Pluto and pretty much, the popularity of this once loved sector.

Pexyaulus Sector
Number of Conversion Missions. 637
Most Popular World. Pexyaulus
Description. The Pexyaulus Sector is once again within Klebulan hands, it lies near the edge of the the Great ABYSS Wall and is not visited very often by the Obsellsors for Conversion Missions. Although, the sector us widely known for its strange world known as Pexyaulus, for looks to have both foliage and water from outer space, but in the surface, it is full of poisonous atmospheric gases that are considered to be the most deadly in all of Viothud. Pexyaulus is also known for its large blue crater, which was caused by an impact billions of years ago with the largest planet-comet, Hale's Invivius. The blue color is caused by a muddy sort of clay-like soil that releases a foul smell three times worse than sulfur.

Zefa Sector
Number of Conversion Missions. 1,208
Most Popular World. ZEFA X
Description. The Zefa Sector is known for being very rich in both the ABYSS and Lightaya Core Powers, for it lies within Klebulan and Obsellsor territories. The Obsellsors struggle greatly to keep hold of this sector, but after one of Plutoq's master domination schemes that wiped out ten Klebulan outposts on ten different ZEFA worlds, they have managed to get a firm grip on the ZEFA worlds.
The sector is not only a great defensive outpost for the Obsellsors, but it is also a great place to discover new elements, for the ZEFA worlds emit strange signals and send elements to each other that the Obsellsors try to receive by communicating back to the worlds.

King's Sector
Number of Conversion Missions. 777
Most Popular World. King
Description. The King's Sector is known for being strange when it comes to planetary formation, for most of the planets have mysteriously taken on oval-shaped masses. The most popular of them all bring one known as King, for it holds its own atmosphere and weather system capable of sustaining low class life such as microbes and probably fish. It also has three enormous, unclimbable cone-shaped mountains that appear to be a crown, hence the name King. The sector is however wanted by the Obsellsors only to learn on why the planets within it take on oval-shapes.

Mondagrad Sector
Number of Conversion Missions. 202
Most Popular World. Oxlo
Description. The Mondagrad Sector is the only sector to not be named by its most well known sector, for it is known not by the long-gone world of Mondagrad, but by the thriving world of the Anim, Oxlo. Luckily for the Obsellsors, thus sector lies within their territory and is very close to both the Lightaya Barrier and the First Asherchrome Pool. This sector is usually studied by Plutoq, for it holds many unvisited civilizations that hold much unknown knowledge.

Oqytill's Sector
Number of Conversion Missions. 526
Most Popular Star. Oqytill's Star
Description. Oqytill's Sector was named by Plutoq in honor of his cimonya, Oqytill, for within it lies the largest star in the universe, it being known as Oqytill's Star. It is so large that around it orbit one-hundred-thousand planets, all if which are non-visit-able, for each one has a highly radioactive atmosphere.

Hale's Sector
Number of Conversion Missions. 30
Most Popular World. Hale's Invivius
Description. Hale's Sector is within Obsellsor territories and within it is one of the universe's most perplexing planet, it being known as Hale's Invivius, the only known comet-planet in Viothud. Hale's Invivius was shot out of its orbit by its own star two billion years ago and now shoots across the solar system at a speed of 10 million mph! It is uninhabitable and has the highest gravitational pressure of any known world, but only on the side that face the front. The back of Hale's is actually sustainable, but only for a matter of hours before one might burn to death. It has been studied by the Obsellsors multiple times and it is known that it has not been fed Asherchrome for millions of years, which is unusual for a planet.
It is suspected to impact with Kepler in two million years, which would destroy it, though these calculations are very skeptical and were put out there by Lunashta, who can foresee time only two million years ahead, but the images that flash through her head are very quick and can not be paused.

Twin Stars Sector
Number of Conversion Missions. 4,711
Most Popular Stars. The Twin Stars
Description. The Twin Stars Sector is known for its two stars, known as the Twin Stars, that mysteriously orbit each other. Plutoq has never seen anything like it and gas studied them thoroughly, and he sees before his eyes, the very process of star reproduction through Asherchrome transmission. Nebulas are dead stars that form new stars, but sometimes, stars themselves will reproduce by slowly coming into each other's orbits and then finally merging to create a bond, releasing Asherchrome signal into space. Matter Dust will receive these signals and will suddenly switch on, triggering the formation of a star. Plutoq has written in his Unictionary that it may take three-thousand more years for the Twin Stars to merge, and he will make sure that, when it happens, he may witness it with Oqytill, for such a phenomenon is extremely rare.
The blue star is considered to be female, while the orange are males. This is only theory though, for Plutoq has never himself studied the internal structure of star.

Kepler Sector.
Number of Conversion Missions. 10,901
Most Popular World. Kepler
Description. The Kepler Sector holds a very valuable ABYSSMAL artifact that the Klebulans want very badly, but the Obsellsors have strongly fortified this sector and is almost impregnable for the Klebulans. 10,901 Conversion Missions have been launched to this sector, for the Klebulans have managed to convert many civilizations to their will. Kepler, the sector's most popular and largest world, is where the artifact is buried, and it is the second most defended Obsellsor world just behind Ukaroc.

Camlopiano Sector
Number of Conversion Missions. 2,189
Most Popular World. Camlopiano
Description. The Camlopiano Sector is known for its mystical and most popular world, Camlopiano, for it not only is hazy looking from outer space, but it also emits a strange sound inaudible to all except Grilgathys, who avoids this world every chance he gets. He has told his minions that the planet has warned him many times when he passes by not to come closer or absorb it. Grilgathys usually does accept these warnings and floats away from Camlopiano boggled. The Obsellsors have learned of these warnings and they themselves have approached the world, but every time they do, they feel the obligation to turn and leave. No one knows exactly what lies beneath the thick clouds of Camlopiano.
Plutoq has done recent studies with infrared tools and has spotted a possible source for the transmissions that Grilgathys is receiving, he says that "It seems that a highly advanced civilization has managed to create a transmission system that only Grilgathys can hear, I must say it is very intelligent and deserves to be known by us, for it could prove to be very helpful in saving the lives of many helpless planets."

Ukaroc Sector
Number of Conversion Missions. 301
Most Popular World. Ukaroc
Description. The Ukaroc Sector is by far the most Lightaya and Asherchrome filled sector above any other in Viothud, for within it lies the very home of the Obsellsors, Ukaroc, and the Chrome Vault, where billions of fragments of Asherchrome are stored within the Asherchrome Core. It is the most protected sector in Viothud and is the most populated out of them all, trillions of innocent lives live upon Ukaroc peacefully. But since how it is so sacred, the Klebulans have attempted to convert the people around the famous space island to set fortifications near it such as Echo Boundary and many other inhabited worlds. Zyrmne's Tyranny was a Conversion Mission that actually took place on Ukaroc, but it failed for Zyrmne and he returned to the Klebulix empty handed.
The Space Island of Ukaroc is known throughout Viothud for being the universe's one and only space island. It was created to be flat so that reaching certain locations would be easier and quicker. Hollvik, the Creator of Ukaroc, has buried something within Ukaroc that only he knows of, not even Mloein knows. It is a time capsule that is to be opened two billion years after the Pluto Wars. Within it is an embryo, of an Obsellsor child that Hollvik has created to replace him, for he has secretly discovered that his body is slowly failing and needs a new Obsellsor to replace him as the new Hollvik.

Blackout Sector
Number of Conversion Missions. 913
Most Popular World. Blackout
Description. The Blackout Sector is widely known for having within it the most interesting planet in the known universe, for its surface is made of liquid tar that is steaming hot, ten times hotter than the Sahara Desert itself. This liquid tar holds no life whatsoever and reflects zero percent of its light off of its black surface. Tollozanian Discovery pads have been built above these tar oceans, and what they have found in the oceans of hot liquid is pretty fascinating. They have founds ancient forms of technology, bones, plates of armor, glass shards and the weirdest of all, animals with skin that would have no chance of surviving within the tar oceans. Tollozanians believe that an underground civilization might exist below the surface, and somehow life emerges from below to visit the surface. This is only theory and has never been thoroughly studied, for if this is true, the Obsellsors would not want to puncture the surface and cause the oceans of tar to pour down into the civilizations habitat.
Blackout is also known for having an overwhelming stench, and one would need a respirator to breath their, for it is so strong that it can cause headaches within seconds and dizziness.

Airora Sector
Number of Conversion Missions. 14
Most Popular World. Airora
Description. The Airora Sector lies very near to the Krea Rift, a small Asherchrome pool and the Cosmic Shield itself, so close that the sky from the surface of Airora is tinted a slight purple. Airora is a safe but uninhabited world, but is known for one particular thing, its special kind of clouds known as airoras, which move very swiftly across the sky like waves on the ocean. The Klebulans have launched very little attacks here, for it so far away from the Klebulix. SLOAN has wanted this part of the universe for a long time and loathes the Obsellsors for having it, for it has great strategic advantages in terms of planetary alignment and openness.
Airora is also known for having the universe's widest rings, these rings however are made of salt, somehow floating in space for unknown reasons. Plutoq recalls in his Unictionary that he once brought Oqytill to Airora for a honeymoon, but after coming to close to the rings, he got its salt in his eyes and returned to Ukaroc with stinging eyes that lasted for many months.

Cindel Sector
Number of Conversion Missions. 32
Most Popular World. Chidel & Cindel
Description. The Cindel Sector is named after its phenomenal companionship that has occured through unknown circumstances, Chidel, a large planet has somehow been pulled into a moon's gravitational pull, Cindel. It has been recorded that Cindel, the moon, has a massive gravitational pull, the reasons for this are unknown as said in Plutoq's Unictionary. Chidel, however, is very fragile, one meteor impact would the size of Enceladus would fracture its surface completely, explaining its orbitation around Cindel. Salt lies on the surface of Chidel, and is harvested by the nearest species, the Pekyng, who have actually spent their time in building a deflection shield around Chidel to protect it from being destroyed. The Obsellsors appreciate this action and have given the species that actually inhabit Cindel the Ariinae Hönor, a title given to species that help planets survive through possible destructive events.

Cliffhanger Sector
Number of Conversion Missions. 65
Most Popular World. Cliffhanger
Description. The Cliffhanger Sector is the most popular of the sectors in the entirety of Viothud, for its planet that it holds within it is of a very rare class, a bare-core world. Cliffhanger as it is known as, is a bare-core world that was at one time attacked by Grilgathys, but the Obsellsors, who were on a Conversion Mission altogether on the world managed to fend off the Greater Evil and the Klebulan forces at the same time. But the attack Grilgathys led took away an enormous chunk from the world's surface. The Obsellsors now protect this world and named it Cliffhanger for its famous cliff that overlooks the enormous hole that leads all the way down to the bright and hot core. On this cliff is an enormous city of many prosperous species, it is known for its trading and exportation of magma wine, which is known for its spicy taste made from Burstgedries.
Cliffhanger is now protected by an Asherchrome Atmospheric Shield that was created by Lunastha's ingenuity.

Kalaborous Sector
Number of Conversion Missions. 6
Most Popular World. Kalaborous
Description. The Kalaborous Sector is known for lying just on top of the Krea Rift, which has affected most planets to become more Technicayan based than that of Asherchrome. It is also known for having the universe's largest and oldest planet to ever exist, Kalaborous.
Kalaborous is habitable but hosts no Intelligae, only lower class intelligence species live upon it, for the planet itself is actually one gigantic ocean. Trillions of individual animals inhabit this one large single ocean, but all avoid one particular spot, that being the Grand Maelstrom. The Grand Maelstrom is extremely wide and sucks down millions of seafaring animals every hour. Plutoq himself has recorded that one can go down through the middle of the void that is the Grand Maelstrom to observe one of the universe's most fantastic wonders out there, for one can look all around them and see nothing but twisting water. "It is like standing in the midst of a tornado", as Plutoq explains it in his Unictionary.
Kalaborous is seventeen-million times larger than the Earth's sun, giving someone the impression on how mighty this ocean-world is. It is also known for being the loneliest planet, for when in its atmosphere, all one can see is the endless ocean.

Satun Sector
Number of Conversion Missions. 2
Most Popular World. Satun
Description. Located billions of light-years away from the Klebulans, the Satun Sector has been barely touched by ABYSSMAL hands, Grilgathys himself has never visited it, for their are reasons. The Satun Sector is known for its great desolation and scarceness in finding worlds and even stars, it is one of the darkest regions of Viothud and has no species inhabiting it whatsoever. The Obsellsors keep this sector off limits to the normal mortal, for they are afraid of that mortal getting lost within the sector's darkness and desolation.
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