Pluto again + Charon Picture

...title says all.

Though it appears my handwriting's been getting worse.

the dude on the right is a close-up of Charon, Pluto's fairy. He was influenced a tiny bit by Charon from Greek mythology (not much, just some parts)

The stick in his right hand is used to get Pluto's attention when he's being spacey (lol, a planet being spacey?)

from day one I knew Charon would have a stick to poke Pluto with, but only once I actually drew it did I shape it like an oar (Charon was the ferryman of the dead in the mythology)

In one early depiction of Charon (as a mythological figure) He held his oar with his right hand and guided the dead with his left. His left sleeve sort of reflects that, as it's cut off short and the undershirt fades from darker gray to black.

I thought it would be appropriate for Charon to have some inspiration from the mythological figure (even if it is only minor details) since Pluto is in essence a living dead person (see [link] ) so Charon guides him, like the original Charon guided the souls of the dead to the underworld.

Personality-wise, Charon is fairly pessimistic, and finds the task of keeping track of Pluto tedious and annoying. However, he understands that Pluto would be helpless and lost without him (the scientists kind of forced it into his head that he's NOT ALLOWED TO LOSE PLUTO), so he puts on a good attitude around him.

So far that's all I've got. gooo me |D

Pluto and Charon gijinkas (c) me~
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