Lost Star Children Picture

*Left to Right, Top then Bottom*
Haumea, Ceres, Eris and Salacia.

K, so these are the Lost Star Children, once referred to as the Star Children. They are not Stardroids, they are named after Dwarf Planets. They are closer to Pluto(the planet, not the Stardroid), but some are older than the Moondroids. (Eris is the youngest while Ceres is the oldest.

Named after the Goddess of Fire(and childbirth *shot*) from Hawaiian Mythology, Haumea controls, well, Fire! Haumea can also cause eruptions on volcanoes. He was particularly close to Asteroid (Shadow Man from MM3), but after he fell to Gaia(Terra/Earth), Haumea chose to stay away from his fellow Star Children. He thought it was a "waste of time" to get to know them, because "in the end, we all die or get separated"

Named after the Roman Goddess of Agriculture, Ceres controls plant life. He can make gardens, vines rise from the ground and as many crops as one can imagine. He is the oldest out of all the Star Children. So, he believes he commands them. But once they got separated, be fell into a small bout of depression because of it. Often times he creates small gardens for himself and anyone that decides to join him in them. Also, the wheel on his back is actually made up of vines that he can use to pick things up with and/or attack with.

Named after the Goddess of Chaos/Discord, Eris really is a ball of chaos. She took after many of the Stardroids, appearance wise mind you. She is the youngest out of all the Star Children, and during her time with the Star Soldiers around her, they always called her "a chaotic being" or "an abomination". This took an Effect on her self-esteem. Her attacks include creating a golden ball with her mind, that will often times turn into a Golden Apple afterwards. She disposes of the Apples with her mind to create more golden energy balls.

Named after the Roman Goddess of the Sea (who was also Neptune's Wife), Salacia took after Neptune the most. Salacia can create water from anything, the air, the vacuum of space, when I say anything, I mean, ANYTHING. She can manipulate the water into any form she wants, snow, ice, anything. She does this for show but it's also her main attack. She doesn't consider Neptune to be close to her, but Neptune considers her either his child or his soon to be wife. (that's not good, she's like, 17.) She is also very motherly to the other Star Children, but she can also be very intimidating and mean.

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