Character Sheet - Luna --WIP-- Picture

I noticed only recently that the basic design bears a resemblance to that girl from the Ring. Entirely coincidental, of course. My design decisions were based on something else entirely; hair and skin color were based on descriptions of the actual Luna/Selena, the moon goddess of Roman and Greek mythologies, respectively. The white(ish) dress is to better portray the character's innocence, as is common throughout art history.

Anyway, on to the matter at hand. As you should have figured out by now, this is Luna. I felt like designing some characters based on a combination of some of the planets/moons and their Roman (or Greek) namesakes. Hopefully, Luna will be the first of many. I've already got plans for Pluto, Venus, Mars and possibly Terra/Gaia (not sure if I'll use Roman or Greek name) and Saturn.

But, some basic info;

Name: Luna
Age: Immortal, but looks about 14.
Gender: Female
Personality: Luna is normally incredibly shy and has little to no interaction with other beings. She prefers solitude but longs for a relationship with someone special, but she is quite naive and is easily manipulated.
On the rare occasion she experiences betrayal or pain, and during the full moon, her alternate personality can take over. Luna's alter-ego is a complete opposite of her normal self, choosing rather to revel in mischief, destruction, manipulation and generally causing mayhem whenever possible. She can sometimes be heard engaging in seemingly random dialogue with herself, most of which is little more than incoherent rambling.
Power: Gravity control in normal state. Insane state grants mind manipulation, as well as enhanced speed and strength, but sacrifices gravity control.
History: Like most of the immortals, Luna's been around almost since the beginning of time. During her existence, she has become good friends with Terra/Gaia, who looks at her like a daughter. She does, however, have an older brother, the warrior Mars, but normally tries to distance herself from him. Mars remains highly protective of her, nevertheless, and keeps a watchful eye from a distance.

Recently, however, Luna has been having trouble with amnesia. She remembers very little of the past, save for Terra/Gaia, Mars and a young boy, whose name she can't recall, but whose face is etched within her memory and regularly appears in, or haunts, her dreams.


Background is an image of the moon pulled off of Wikipedia.
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