cerberus pluto Picture

search google for the word 'chimera' and you'll come up with alot of things.

i was looking for images of the greek, mythological beast, and alot of times was directed by the search engine to various religious sites proclaiming the evils of genetic modification, and other gene sciences.
what bothered me, and the reason google brought them up, was they insisted on reproducing various images of the monster, chimera, in the context of 'This is where genetic modification will end up'.

hmmmmmmm. a beast with the body of a goat, head of a lion, and snake tail. (depending whose description you read.)
now thats a good argument.

but i got thinking about what iconography could be used to advertise the merits of gene splicing.
and ta-daaa!
happy, three headed pluto/ cerberus gamboling along.
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