[KUROSHITSUJI OC] Duke/Garm (Demon hound) Picture

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[NOTE 02: The "OC's information" could present some SPOILERS of the "FIRST ANIME". So, if you have do not seen it yet... PLEASE, DON'T READ THIS!]

1. Biographical Information:
  • Name: Garm
  • Other name: Duke
  • Age: Unknown (Real)
  • Status: Alive
  • Seiyuu: (?) Unknown/He does not speak xD
2. Physical and Vital Statistics:
  • Race: Demon hound/Great dane
  • Gender: Male
  • Personality: Loyal/Courageous/A little frisky and somethings is Fierce if the situation warrants (owoU)
  • Height: 86 cm (Doggy form [?]) / 6.5 meters (Demon hound form)
  • Eyes color: Deep green
  • Hair color: Cinnamon-Brown (Doggy form) / Cinnamon-Reddish (Demon hound form)
3. Professional Status:
  • Previous occupation: Guard of the gates of the abode of Hela in Niflheim (?)
  • Base of Operations: Rosenight manor.
4. Personal Status:
  • Relatives:
-Jinaru/Afghan (Father)
-Furry-rolls (Mother [?])
-Pluto (Brother/Littermate)
-Cerberus/Cerby (Brother/Littermate)
-Iruene/Ruen (Brother/Littermate)
-Fettershack/Fenrir (Brother/Littermate)
-Sköll/Sunny (Nephew [?])
-Hati/Moony (Niece [?])
-Rosenight Earldom (Masters/Owners)
  • Favorite food: Inuko/Dog Biscuits... (Aha, the same as those of his brother/Littermate Pluto and Undertaker (?) LOLOLOL)
  • Trivia:
  1. The name and design of this animal character is inspired in the mythologic demon dog: Garmr and in the famous cartoon character: Scooby Doo (?) LOL
  2. It is one of the "Siblings/Littermates" of the Demon hound, Pluto. Those born in the "Litter of Tibicenas" ewé The aforementioned "Litter" emerged as a result of the flirting between the demon hound, Jinaru/Afghan" and... a cute Akita-inu called Furry-rolls (LOL)
  3. This dog should never take off that black-green necklace, otherwise... his true appearance of demon hound would be revealed, since that necklace helps him maintain his form of "Great Dane" x'D
  4. The only vestige of the "demon nature" of this friend that retains its shape even as is a canine: is the "deep green" color that adorns his eyes and the spots on his body.
  5. The personality of "Duke" not changes when he becomes "Garm"... This demon hound retains his loyalty to his owner totally, and is a little fierce.
  6. Like the rest of his brothers, Duke/Garm can acquire the human form of a mature man with a funny mustache (?) xDDD
  7. This dog in his demon hound form is able to spit fire breath in the form of emerald-green flames and is able to open the "supernatural doors" that only Grim Reapers/Shinigamis and Demons could open, as his brother/Littermate Pluto.
  • Human Form: Coming soon...


Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler, Demon hounds & Pluto (c) Yana Toboso
Duke/Garm, the Great dane (c)
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