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So here's my first drawing of a character from my little book I'm working on called Death is the New Black. Pluto's an aranix, which is my own little mythological creature. Half human half spider, born genderless and the individual aranix can become whatever gender it feels like becoming as it grows up. Or it could stay genderless, it didn't matter. They reproduce almost like a phenoix but a bit different. When two aranix fall in love, they pretty much mate for life. Now they can adopt children, which has happened in cases the couple wish to raise a child together, or the aranix falls in love with a different species other than itself, but usually when they die together (usually if one dies, the other is so heartbroken it kills itself also), two young aranixes are born from the bodies of the couple. If an aranix dies alone, it will not give birth. No one can really explain this.

Pluto's in a thief 'gang' I guess you could call it. They're a group of young creatures that are poor and wish to get money, even if it isn't the best way to do so. Though don't let Pluto's innecont looks fool you, get to close or make him nervous and he may snap under pressure, using his wire string to wrap you up and use his strength to cut you in half, or decapitate you, whatever he feels like doing. But he's actually pretty sweet if you can get past that.

Pluto (c) parein

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