Planet Group Photo Picture

All of them together. Also gives an idea of who and what is bigger.

Planet summaries:

Geb7: [link]
Closest planet to Earth
Slightly thicker atmosphere than Earth
One star
Two Moons
Trees fairly primitive with bark
Many carnivorous plants
Life forms, have latin names (with exceptions),
are gigantic compared to Earth,
are carbon based,
evolved from fish like animals with antannae
Abundant fresh water

Midgard: [link]
Third closest to Earth
Much thicker atmosphere than Earth
Orbits a Jovian planet (Odin)
Binary star system
Plants evolved from kelp and algae
Life forms have names derived from norse mythology or finnish words,
are carbon based,
blood contains copper rather than iron and is therefor blue,
evolved mainly from squid, octopus and starfish like creatures,
Abundant gold supply

Toci1: [link]
Second closest to the Earth
No oceans but many rivers
Binary red dwarf system
One moon
Abundance of chlorophyll
Plants have spongy leaves and bark that feels like snake scales
Life forms have names derived from verbs or adjectives (stalker, eater, runner),
evolved from snake like creatures,
appear like mixtures of many Earth animals (snake, shark, boar...),
regularly shed shin and teeth,
are tributes to real people,
are carbon based,
no flying animals.

Lyell-3: [link]
Fourth closest to the Earth
Yellow dwarf star
One moon
Highly specialised life forms
Animals are named in a similar manner to how Europeans named sea animals (like Sea Cows and Angel Shark),
evolved from leech like creatures,
are all blind due to limited lighting,
Trees are gigantic, fire-proof and absorb water vapor with a membrane from the fog layer,
Other herbs have a symbiotic relationship with the trees and some do not need sunlight at all and depend on minerals drifting in the air.

Planet Adam: [link]
Orbits yellow dwarf
Orbits with Eve in a Pluto/Charon like relationship
Sixth closest to the Earth
Abundance of water
No terrestrial life
Plants evolved from coral and are mobile
Animals evolved from fish like creatures,
have names derived from greek (with exceptions),
carbon based,
have a split body plan,
three genders exist to further encourage diversity

Planet Eve: [link]
Orbits with Adam in a Pluto/Charon like relationship
Occasionally fifth closest to the Earth
Ocean surface entirely covered by algae
Terrestrial plants evolved from cacti,
have thick peels that feels like a boxing bag
Animals evolved from shellfish like ancestors,
names derived from greek words,
have secondary mouths to swallow crushed substinance,
regorgitate wastes from primary mouth,
lay eggs in water

Tunjera: [link]
Discovered after finding an experimental animal planet (J'era Kai)
Furthest from the Earth
1 yellow dwarf
1 moon
Formely colonized but abandonned
Ressources nearly all depleted
Highly polluted
Possible large metal core like mercury
Abundance of magnetic properties
Life forms possibly silicon based
Trees are in fact evolved worms
Life form evolution uncertain,
appear to be part machine (cyborgs),
some species are sentient made,
have yellow jelly like blood

Some changes may occure overtime. If anything seems wrong beyond any chance of possibility, please alert me.
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