Queen's Daughters Club: pool party I and S Picture

apparently i need 2 learn how 2 draw splashes

AND yes in the background there are statue fountains of mercury and neptune, i figure there water senshi, (more or less) so around the pool they should get some recognition, similarly an idea of mine is that all the senshi could have their own statues in different parts of the satellite depending on their elements/personality/hobbies/mythology and legends,

for instance, mars could have a statue in the arena somewhere though based on f the fact mars (in mythology) is the god of war.

saturn could 2 since she kinda has powers of destruction but id more see a statue of her in the healing area based on her rebirth and healing abilitys

jupiter could have a statue in the gardens based on her flower like attacks.

sailor moon and sailor venus could have statues in the food areas because of their loves of malls and food. (i figure sailor moon could have a statue 2, i mean i know that theres a statue of her as serenity but her as a senshi could be done 2 right?

i dont quite know about uranus and pluto though.... anyone got any ideas?
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