[Character Design] Heavenly Anthros: Makemake Picture

The planet name is pronounced "Mah-KAY Mah-KAY", not "Make-make". Don't call it "make make" since that makes the planet sad.

Makemake is a demi-planet beyond Pluto's orbit and was discovered shortly after Easter in 2005. Because of which, the planet's first code name was "Easter Bunny" when the discovery was made public. The name "Makemake" is based on the god of creation in the mythos of the Rapa Nui, the indigenous people of Easter Island.

In the Heavenly Anthros series, it is represented by a Dobhar-Chu, a creature of Irish folklore that resembles the cross between an otter and a hound.

As such, I tried to incorporate themes of both Celtic and Polynesian design.
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