The Great Starlight - Character Sheet (Read desc) Picture

I know what ur thinking: OMG Orca, this OC is soooo cliche, hes a god! So OP why would you do that its a mary sue!
Please, think about it first. Starlight is the Zeus/Jupiter and Hades/Pluto of CoC. He is very strong with many powers, BECAUSE HE IS A GOD!
Okay, phew! Think thats all. I will also include a short description of his powers and such.

The Great Starlight is the god of stars and the dead, the king of gods. He is the king because other 3 eldest gods chose him to be. His duties: He takes care of the stars - makes sure they dont die, destroys huge asteroids pointing at Earth, creates some new stars, as he likes to. Then, his duties over the dead: When a dragon or a "monster" (I will get to this later) dies, his minions, called Stargazers (name could change in the future) find the soul of the dead and lead them to Starlights judgement hall. There are three judges, and they decide if the dead is worth going to "Neverending sky hunting grounds" (the heaven, Elysium) "Everlasting land of light" (something like Asphodel in Greek mythology), "Plains of night" (something like hell, fields of punishment) and the worst one, "The Abyss of darkness" (Tartarus). Then, he makes sure that the souls do not escape from their holds, and sends the Stargazers to punish the creatures in the Palins of night. However, they never go down to the Abyss. The Abyss is the worst place of all, I dont think even Bigclaw would get there for his crimes. The gods keep in there the worst monsters and their ancient enemies, as well as traitors of their own kind. Back to Starlights duties over the dead. He wears that collar of tortured souls, with a diamond in it. The collar was forged by The Abyss themselves (Oh, have I mentioned that The Abyss is the ruler of The Abyss? Surprising, eh?) and it contains tortured souls (Another surprise!) screaming in agony. Starlight is the strongest of the gods, a shapeshifter, could turn invisible or change into a mist, could kill by anything I guess, but almost no one gets his attention for that. (the original gods from Greek mythology are conceited). Also, he could easily get rid of the scar on his chest, but he keeps it to show that even gods can be vulnerable. A god can be killed, but it requiers atleast three other gods, and it happened only once.

Thats about all! What do ya think? I know, I know, there is a lot of Greek mythology in it.

Name: Starlight

Nickname: King of gods, Lord of the sky, Ruler of death
Gender: Male
Age: Over 4000 years
Sexuality: Pansexual
Status: Alive
Birth: ???
Zodiac: ???
Species: Night Glider (Could be any)
Affilation: No one
Likes: ???
Hates: ???

Mother: ???
Father: ???
Brother(s): ???
Sister(s): None
Mate: Mooshine, other unnamed dragonesses (Gods have problems with loyalty XD)
Son(s): Many, including: Nedezias, Therones and Malke
Daughter(s): Many, icluding: Lagionia and Alkyre
Colour: Dark blue (Could be any color)
Eyes: Golden
Scars: Huge scar across neck
Accesories: Collar of Tortured souls
Special: Is a shapeshifter.
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