Doodlepage 5 Picture

okay, okay. it's been a while since I uploaded some shits :'D
so, ket's get down to buisness:
I drew 2 Inazuma Eleven characters because I talked to my friend about it <3
I really love Nathan/Kazumaru the most because he is handsome as hell and adorable
I love him xD
and then there is Shawn/Fubuki for my friend <3
also as you can see I didn't use the real colours. I used a colour pallet that I randomly
designed :3
and then we talked about dragonball and that Son Goku is called Kakarott and in german
it means something like red poop. oh yeah, we also talked about a certain silver hedgehog and
because I suck at drawing mobian style he looks weird ;v; also, little Mario beneath Silver
then there is a sketch of Kaoru who belongs to xXCaramelAuroraXx
next to him is Yuri who belongs to me.
he tried to flirt with Kaoru and Kaoru is not impressed at all.
then we have 2 pictures of my friend who I was talking with about Inazuma Eleven~
in the bottom left we have a little weird Yami Bakura ;3; he is adorable somehow

plus the friendship picture of Fanni( xXCaramelAuroraXx ) and Emily (mine)
who are adorable as hell together <3 they are totally gonna go shopping together

and now for her first appearance:
it's my new dwarf planet/planet Pluto!!!! she is so beautiful and has a three headed dog as pet
but I totally suck at drawing dogs :'D so yeah, she is based on the egyptian god of death Anubis
and the greek god Pluto (that's why she has a three headed dog) I still hope I didn't mix something
up with the mythology.

that's about it~
hope you enjoy my stuff <3
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