SSMU Sailor Pomegranate Picture

Name: Zakuro
Age: 21
BFF: Akiko(Sailor Orange)
Likes: Pomegranates, her job as a scientist in biology, biology, plants, and being with Friends.
Dislikes: Blueberries, Rodents, bugs, competition, and all things scary.
Hobbies: Research, Taking care of Plants, and her job.
Alias: Sailor Pomegranate
Ruling Planet: Pluto
Relationships: Daughter of Setsu, and Granddaughter of Setsuna.
Date of Birth: October 23
1. Pomegranate Seed Grow (She whispers the command as she spreads glowing pomegranate seeds from her staff around and vines grow from ground capturing the enemy and becoming a tree that traps the enemy in it's grip as pomegranates grow from the tree by draining the energy from the enemy to make them week)
2. Pomegranate Underworld Cry (She whispers the command as she takes a deep then shouts the command "Cry!" which sends loud sonic waves towards the enemy from her staff)
3. Pomegranate Dead Scream (She whispers the command as she holds her staff the same way Sailor Pluto would hold hers and a glowing pomegranate appears from the staff and is shot at the enemy)
A staff like Sailor Pluto’s except with a Pomegranate instead of an orb.
Zakuro is the daughter of Setsu(Sailor Parallel Pluto) and the Granddaughter of Setsuna(Sailor Pluto). She came upon her powers at a young age as well as her fellow scout members. She is the calm and collective of the Sailor Scouts and is also a member of the Outer Scouts.

This is Sailor Pomegranate. Random note: What's really cool about this one is that I only randomly picked her to be Sailor Pluto's Granddaughter but then it turns out that in Greek Mythology, Pomegranates were the fruit of the Underworld. Isn't that an awesome coincidence?
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