Axis Mundi Picture

While working on Stumpy the Tree Tortoise I was reminded of this oil painting I did a few years ago. There are glaring flaws and parts of it make my eyes bleed now, but I like the concept and will probably revisit it in the future.

It's a combination of several "world" myths from several cultures:
A Hindu myth claims the universe was created from a great egg that split in half, with the silver half becoming the earth and the gold half becoming the heavens;
Some Native American mythologies say the world is supported on the back of a giant turtle;
The Norse World Tree, Yggdrasil, said to connect the nine worlds;
Our Solar System's nine planets (I think I painted this before Pluto was demoted);
and surrounding it all, the Primal Serpent, present in just about every mythology, so take your pick (Tiamat, Apep, Jormungand, etc)
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