Queen Pluto and Princess Idona Picture

Made here: www.dolldivine.com/sailor-moon…

For a future Sailor Moon fanfic called Pluto's daughter: Sailor Nyx. Queen Pluto's gown is inspired by this piece here: s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/o… .

Princess Idona's name is from the Norse mythology as I got from the goddess of the apples of eternal youth. Her star seed in dark red (unlike Sailor Mars star seed as her is a much brighter shade of red). Her senshi name is Sailor Nyx, after the Pluto moon, and she does have the symbol of Pluto on her forehead (even though she should have the symbol of Nyx). More about her in a profile.

The dogs name is Cerberus, after Hades' guard dog. I felt it was more fitting to give the Queen and the Princess a dog rather then as a cat.

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