Children of Pluto Picture

Finally, finished the Sol Senshi team.

These are Setsuna's Daughters- Matsuki and Shion in their senshi form.

Matsuki becomes Sailor Clymenus, taking her mother's position as a time guardian. Because Matsuki is literally the oldest in the group- she's more powerful than most of the others due to being trained earlier in her life. Thus her outfit is different.

I had to think about it with Shion, as she's both Setsuna's daughter- but also is King Endymion's child.

She becomes Sailor Minthe. (Opposed to her being Persephone or even Charon ect.)
In mythology, Minthe was a nymph that wanted to seduce Hades (who was pursuing her) but Persephone turned her into a mint plant to stop the affair. The symbol, Spade, is also popularly known as a 'death' card (Well ace of spade) but the spade is also seen as a sword. According to pades are associated with fighting, destiny, logical thinking, and death.

Shion embodies a lot of these myths so I thought it was appropriate.

As Sailor Minthe, she's mostly a physical fighter with little defensive powers, which can be a problem as she rather use her defensive powers more. She also has some minor healing powers. As a whole, she's kinda useless at the moment as a Sailor Senshi.

This is in contrast with Matsuki, who's utterly vicious as a Sailor Senshi. She's not above manipulating people or things around her to achieve her goals, and sees killing as a necessary evil if it must be done. She's quiet and reserved a good portion of the time as a Sailor senshi, which means most of the time no one knows what she's thinking and she never seems to offer.

The only thing that keeps Sailor Clymenus in check is the heir, Sailor Sugar Moon, and the God of Time.

Clymenus/Minthe/designs/art- mine
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