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Name: VERDANDI Urd Skuld <--- from old norse mythology
name means Present Past Future
comes from old norse mythology as the trio or norns or the goddesses of destiny... they were also Valkyries who would lead the chosen slain heroes to Valhalla.
Verðandi meaning "necessity" responsible for the present
Urðr meaning "fate" responsible for the past and
Skuld Means "future" and was the main valkyrie

The Norns spin the threads of fate at the foot of Yggdrasil, the tree of the world. Beneath them is the well Urðarbrunnr

Age: appears to only be 19 but has been around for eons
Sign: Gemini
personality:Usually reserved mannerisms, and has high value for tradition. Is also a very level headed scout and likes to weigh the pros and cons of all actions deciding necessity from wants. Does have an affinity for fortune tellers/telling and mythology

Attacks: Her Double ended scythe can be used either offensively or defensively to ward off attackers but can also do...

Thread of Fate: If she can get close enough to an enemy and touch them, she can then pull a thread off of her scythe and cut it either completely killing the enemy or removing a chunk of their life or stamina depending how skillfully she cuts it.

Valkyries Descent: using the double ended scythe she cuts into the ground releasing the spirits of the fallen to drag the evil doer to the underworld.

Valhalla's Pride: If a scout is wounded or killed in battle with the enemy she touches them and adds more thread to the scout's thread of life allowing them to live and rays of light shine down. *the time added is unknown to anyone... it can be 1 hour to 20 years or more*

Symbolism :the hood is there not only for the "grim reaper stereotype but also because the norns kept their heads covered to try and convey a mysterious aura about the "past present and future" since as mere humans we don't know everything that has happened will happened and is happening...
Double scythe and the charm on the scythe and on her brooch and her symbol is an infinity symbol not only representing how life is a never cycle but representing the planet pluto itself, because pluto and it's moon Charon are equal in size and their rotational pattern looks like a set of barbells and connected constantly straining for dominance. Charon in roman mythology also being like the Valkyries and escorting the dead to the other side of life.

Likes: sewing, action movies, surgeons, morticians, battle items, mythology and future telling/tellers, gold shiny things

Dislikes: rust, impulsive people, disorganization, lies,

Colors: Red(related to blood and how it's nessecary for the continuation of life and thats why the thread is read)
Gold(sign of prosperity and in mythology it was nessecary to leave gold with the dead so they could pass on into the next life), Black (for death) and Silver (for new life)

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