The Mouse Maestro - The Best of Floyd Gottfredson Picture…

We now return to this part of the Disney that is really obscure to most people. Heh, at least Barks's Ducks stories got some light shed into them thanks to DuckTales. This part ? Barely! And ironically people bash Mickey for being the "golden' boy of the studio. Golden boy, my scrotum (and Scans Daily can suck it too !)! If it were the case why isn't there a proper gothic and dark Mickey movie ? Why is he hidden from the public ?
It is time to re-discuss the Mouse you people know NOTHING about... and that was around for 80 years thanks to his italian successors .
When Gottfredson took over the Mickey Mouse newspaper strip in 1930, he gave us stories that still hold up years later as solid well-done comics despite some parts being a product of their time (BUt that never bothered me ! At least you get a litte history from it !). Like Barks (and other artists we will talk about), he is a part in the creation of a fantastic universe ! Some are comedic while others are adventures that are genuinely thrilling.

Now since this was a comic strip rather than a comic book, Gottfredson had co-authors with him . Bear in mind that he dealt with the art and oversaw all story, plot, and direction himself until Bill Walsh came on-board.
The 3 most prolific partners also had an influence over the Mousetown world and Mickey's personna. To describe them in my own terms and so my fellow animation fans know more or less what to expect ...

TED OSBORNE (1900 - 1968): Basically the Mickey you see in the early-30's with his mischieviousness cranked up to 11.I think most people who praise the Mouse (early design) tend to refer to THIS Mickey . While I love what he did, Mickey hasn't reached his proper niche yet ! Along with Al Taliaferro, Osborne has been credited as the co-creator of Huey, Dewey and Louie in the Donald strips.

MERRIL DeMARRIS (1898 - 1948): What if Reilly Thomson's Mouse got an actual chance to showscase his talents! This Mickey is still free-spirited but still tries to fit within society without much success
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