Cupid (The God of Love) Picture

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There is a multitude of unusual and mysterious creatures that roam planet Earth. This one is no exception. Because of its unusual behavior scientists decided to call this creature Eros, but the general public know it by another name, Cupid. This creatures seems to make a habit of throwing dart-like objects at unsuspecting humans (this usually happens around Valentine's Day, though no one is sure why). These darts have an "interesting" effect on those it hits. If the dart is gold in color and it happens to hit a human, the human will "fall in love" with the first living thing he/she sees. If the dart is black, the human will harbor aggression or fear towards the first living thing within sight. These symptoms do not seem permanent, though the amount of time it takes to wear off varies. People who are shot by Cupid report not feeling pain, instead, they report feeling a "surge" of emotions flowing from the point of impact. Currently, scientists do not know why Cupid shoots darts at humans. Attempts to study this creature in great detail has proven to be fruitless, its extremely intelligent and cautious. Unlike other unusual creatures, Cupid seems to be the only one of its kind.

Other Facts:

-It's predicted stand around 3ft
-Estimated wingspan is around 9ft
-Estimated weight is 19kg
-Can fly at speeds of 50mph, but some believe that it can fly a lot faster
-has extraordinarily good eye-sight

First Contact: A traveling zoologist, Charles Davis, had made first contact with the creature. Here are his findings.

"I came across this creature when studying the wild-life in Africa. It was perched in a tree, far from any human settlements. Of course, I was cautious when approaching the creature. It's a well known fact that Eros (or Cupid as some would call it) will flee if witnessed by a human. But there have also been reports of Eros acting aggressively towards humans by throwing its darts. So I was shocked that even though Eros saw me it did not move an inch. I immediately took advantage of the situation and began taking notes. It seemed to possess both ape and bird-like qualities, which I found fascinating. Even though it was on all fours when perched in the tree, it did look like it can stand on its hind legs. I attempted to communicate with the creature, but it did not respond, so I came to the conclusion that it did not possess the ability to speak. I was able to get close enough to see where Eros stored its darts. It seemed to have quills on its back, hidden by its feathers. This study lasted for about a week, during which Eros did not leave that tree. I've never seen it eat or drink water, does it not require sustenance? One day, to my surprise, Eros spoke. I was unable to hear what it said at first, so it spoke a bit louder. 'Alone', said the creature. It then spread its wings and flew out of the tree. I never saw Eros after that incident."
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