Necromancess initiate and Vovin Picture

Another drawing from my sketchbook, regarding about the Cuetzpalin mythos.

Around the year 4916 a.X (2016 a.I), after the awakening of the 'Huaca', ancient entities which have been asleep under the soil of the planet of Tredius for centuries, its civilizations were doomed, as the gigantic Huaca used their strength and endurance to put an end to the madness which is the industrial civilization and its consumerist principles, bringing humanity as well near to its extinction. Amidst the destruction of the industrial civilization, the United Nations and the laws which it defended had fallen as well, and new, smaller states rose from the ruins of formerly bigger ones. Such case was that of the Republic of San Brandon and the Socialist State of Tahuantinsuyu, even though authorities from both nations tried until the last possible moment to keep their 'national integrity' in feet.

In the case of Tahuantinsuyu, several of its former authorities have rose as necromancers (many of the State officials were part from a secret initiatory order based in the control of the dead), and divided their own, each one with their own legion of undead soldiers to 'defend' (no matter if the State is left-wing or right-wing, when it comes to 'defense', it's always the same as 'enslave') the citizens. But as the Huaca have pretty much destroyed every artificial border, survivors from fallen cities have escaped to other countries that weren't yet destroyed by the Huaca, and in many cases, survivors who have come to the realm of Tahuantinsuyu became, by choice or not, part of the undead legions from Tahuantinsuyu, as warriors and workers, or as necromancer apprentices themselves.

Such was the case of the necromancess initiate depicted here, alongside her 'pet' Vovin. The ancient Inca Empire, during the rule of Tupaq Yupanqui (which lasted from 4372 a.X to 4393 a.X), has employed help from several Metal Clan Vovin (dragons), which have reclaimed the Uku Pacha mines from Urcaguary and the Pururauca, and after the death of their Emperor, poisoned by one of his wives, these Vovin went into hiding, except for Tupaq's 'Chasqui' (messenger), a dragon rider who left Cuzco, decades later, after its fall to Spanish colonization, and himself entered the 'Palarokhian Order', in Eastern Germany. Centuries later, the fall of several civilizations has been an opportunity for those Vovin's next generations to show up, but while in the case of the Vovin from Uku Pacha they do help 'humans' in rebuilding their cities, most of the Vovin who rose alongside the Huaca are predators of humans who have, for centuries, nurtured vengeance against them.
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