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This is Sköll , a member of Samuke's crew , (Sköll is the son of Fenrir in the Norse mythology(i think i fucked up his head))

Name : Sköll

Age : ???

Family : ???

Power level : 1,150,000

Like : The smell of blood , Fresh raw meat

Hate : Vegetables , Cooked meat

Transformations : base form , Ragnarök(Flaming black wolf) , Úlfhéðnar(DNA modification(Horned Werewolf)

Bio : Born in the coldest region of the planet "Landet av ulver" Sköll is one of the strongest of his kind , he is also the most violent Lykaios : since his childhood , he hunts himself and eat the meat bloody raw , even the biggest predator wouldn't stand a chance against him . Due to his crualty the ancient of his village bannished him to the underworld : a land of flames and death , the ancients thought that fire would be enough to kill a wolf from the north ... But , they were wrong , even though Sköll had no chance to survive in such conditions , he managed to survive and tamed the flames of the underworld : after 3 years in these lands , Sköll mastered a new form ; Ragnarök . After training for 3 years he decided to get ouf of this cave and slaughtered every living being on his path . Samuke were at his home village searching for a champion to join his crew , Sköll , thinking that he was attacking the village , rushed on Samuke but quickly got stopped . Samuke , couldn't handle the flaming wolf on his own , so he decided to take him to his crew , Samuke promised to grant one wish of Sköll to make him join the crew : Protect the Lykaios. After joining the team , Tensai modified Sköll to give him a brand new form : Úlfhéðnar(Ulfhednar in latin letters) a tall horned Werewolf with spike coming out of the elbows , knees and shoulders , with this form his power level is near 2,000,000
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