Mysta 3 - 01 Picture

Planet Comics #37 (July 1945) - The Manplants of Planet Ares (from the superb compilation by comics book writer Mike Madrid)
Illustrations by Fran (Frances) Hopper

While she disseminates culture and science to the universe, the Heroine also stands guard against any threat against its newly restored peace.

Frances Hopper illustrated many stories of Mysta. Hopper also started experimenting with giving new looks to this superheroine. Under her pen, Mysta, "living temple of man's essential goodness," turned from an innocent girlish figure into a stunning young woman.

Planet Ares - Ares being the Greek name of Mars the god of war - is perhaps the last hint of the mythical theme of battle between a good demigoddess and an evil deity. Even beginning with the previous episode (Superbrain), science already replaces mythology, apropos to the main cultural trend of postwar years.
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