Myth Match Card Back Prototype #1 Picture

I've been working on a trading card game based on mythological creatures and I've just recently started work on a design for the back of the cards. This is the first draft I've come up with. If enough of you like it, could be the final draft, but that's up to you. I want the face of myth match to be as good as it can be. Every element to mean something. The demon on the bottom represents the daem kingdom, the hamsa (the hand with the eye in it) represents the oem kingdom, the unicorns represent the zoan kingdom, the fairy obviously represents the fey kingdom and the gems, water, wind and flames represent the elem kingdom. If you can think of anything to improve or change or a different design entirely, please tell me and if you'd like to see more of the myth match cards, head over to and support my work. I'd really appreciate it and there's lots of rewards for doing so.
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