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[Okay, I managed to delete the longest text I'll EVER get to write in here... Bloody damn this stupid mental computer!]

I'm gonna make it short then - these a random characters, Oc and stuff I never got to upload otherwise - and since my scanner's still busted, I wanted to upload something and found some new and old sketches I could smack up.

1. This is Test, my first [And only] Biker Mice From Mars OC I was a HUGE fan of that cartoon, when I was a little kid. I really liked this character - Might draw some more of her, if there seems to be any interest - She's awful fun to draw.

2. 3. This is Faxe - A character I developed after seeing Treasure Planet, which I enjoyed so very much - She was NEVER intended to be the love-interest of ANYBODY - she was just a playful happy girl I liked to draw.

4. Don't think I ever gave her a name - But I liked her - she's not from anywhere, just a random lizardy-woman

5. This is Lilly - a very nasty woman, very cynical and pessimistic. She's not very pleasant and do not really like people at all - a character from a story I never got to do anything with. But I like her - she's nasty.

6. And now to Lyla - a lovely lady, with a heart as pure as gold, and just as patience - She's from one of my favourite story's, I never got to realise either.

7. This 'woman' isn't my character - she's from the Norse Mythology and her name is Nat, which translated from Danish means Night. She was what we call a 'Jætte' [a troll] and she represented, tadam, the night [who would have guessed]

8. And these two, where actually from a dream I had, with the Red-haired being the revenge-seeking main character, and the Black-haired being a serious mental psycho. But I liked them - IT was a neat dream! Loads of explosion and stuff and most important - a plot! Love when you wake up from a dream and remember the whole story!

Anyhoo, If you managed to read all this, then here:
© Biker mice From Mars
© Treasure Planet, Disney
© The Norse mythology
Brushes taken from [link]
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