SuperEarth Picture

Ladygirls and manboys, this is the SuperEarth (or Solar Earth as you may call it).

The SuperEarth is a composite planet made out of all of the planets of the Solar System, hence the craters, the gassy waters, the rings, the planet-like moons, the planetary symbols that float around it, Jupiter's Great Red Spot, and Neptune's Great Dark Spot.

This planet has a countless number of colored rings, that are called "The Rainbow Ring". It has 3 suns and 29 moons that are called "moonets", or "moonoids", all of which have air like the SuperEarth. It's planetary symbols are made out of dust, ice and rocks.

The SuperEarth contains all mythological creatures and real creatures (ex. Humanimals, Merkinis, Animal Hybrids, Mythological Hybrids, Fairy Angels, Vampire Devils etc.). It's worldwide motto is "SuperEarth, a planet where all myths are real."

There are many locations in SuperEarth, inside and outside of it, because there are some locations on it's moonets as well.

There are many gods who rule the SuperEarth, like Zeus-Joseph, Juno-Mary (his wife), Hercujesus (his son), Beeldes, etc. The locations for the gods are Heaven Olympus and the Graveworld.
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