Athena The Archer Picture

I've decided to make OC's out of mythology godesses. I'm going to do the same for the planets and horoscopes. So basically there's going to be a whole lot of art coming.
Name:Athena (duh)
Likes:Nature,Animals,the Ocean
Dislikes:Hunting,Fishing,Anything that has to do with harming nature.
About Her:Athena and her twin sister (although they look nothing alike)Aphrodite have been raised by their parents, until they became sick and died a while after. Athena had to become an apprentice of an Archer, to support her family, while Aphrodite got a regular education. Eventually Athena became a great archer. Aphrodite became a school mistress, so she could support her and her sister. Now, they're enjoying the life they have.
Fun facts:The necklace Athena's wearing was her mother's.
Athena's as stubborn as a donkey (Ironically,she has a pet donkey named Stubbs C
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