Sweatshirt Brigade | Tropetron, the Sparkling Moon Picture

The moon of the planet sparkles at night.

This is because Tropetron/F65, the moon of Planet F66, is an ecumenopolis. Shortly before the planet was abandoned by Earth settlers, the system administrators ran the planet from the moon. Most of the developments in the moon, however, started shortly after abandonment, when they began developing on their own. While the planet itself became completely isolated, the moon received some degree of support from other nearby colony systems for some time before finally being forced to become self-sufficient.

The culture of the moon is vastly different from that of the planetary dwellers due in part to the degree of technological sophistication that they maintained. They developed their own versions of advanced technologies though they could not get sufficient resources to create interstellar craft, barely making enough to mine the asteroids. Landing on the planet was out of the question. They also lost contact with the planet; their lack of support for the planet dwellers have led the planet's civilizations to regress technologically.

The moon features heavily in the mythology of the Mapotherians as home to the Space People, who make the moon scintillate with their technology as a guide to the people below, reminding them that they will one day reach great heights as well.
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