Maulrus Concept Picture

This here is a Maulrus.

Maulruses are aggressive, arctic-based amphibious organisms that inhabit the northern portion of the planet, living along coastlines. As such, they are in zones associated with Snow Elves. The changed aspects of maulruses in comparison to walruses were not immediately based on any species whatsoever and were just designed to make it look more "BA", but here's a run down of the changes and what they reminded me of after I finished the concept for them:
* A mane or crest of poisonous quills.
* Eyes that appear pure black (like a great white shark's)
* Very sharp tusks (like I always saw smilodon/sabertooth tiger tusks when I was a kid)
* A lower jaw that forms upwards, essentially forming a horn to "oppose" the tusks - that's what that triangle-looking thing on its face is
* Sharp claws from its fins, as well as bone spurs on the fins (look for them, they're there)
* A sail used to bask in the sunlight, similar to a dimetrodon.
Like I said, none of those were planned out to be based on an actual organism, and I simply drew it as I went. The only things I knew before drawing it was the sharp tusks and the lower jaw, but I wanted it to look even less like a walrus.

I came up with this for a game that I've worked on on-and-off since junior high (so like, when I was 12 or 13, and as of this posting I'm 26 but turning 27 this year). This game is a fantasy-based RPG that still hasn't been named -- its working title is still "Random RPG" (EDIT: The game has recently been renamed "Alternate Fantasy").

Most species in the RPG are based on mythological beings, but as if taking a cue from Blizzard's imagination, the creatures are only based in their mythological origin. For instance, Fairies/Sprites/Alva/et cetera are actually insectoids, not just humans with insect wings. Also, any creatures based on existing species - such as this maulrus here - have been altered to be more fantastic.

This image is based on an animated GIF my friend Curtis Vodka keeps sending me (okay only twice but still), found here (at least at the time of this submitting): [link]
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