fantasy world 2 Ambritalilan Picture

Second map of a fantasy world I made many years ago. I hope you like them and, i could use them in roleplays or connect them in a big galaxy. I never named the worlds or planets but, usually the landmasses.

So this is an alternative world with similar things but, different shaped land masses.
The world is ruled by a giantess race with smaller socialised species or groups on each of the continents.
With a big sporting events like the Olympics made every 5 years. The area to the east is more Greek mythology but to right is more middle ages, and to the south is the dominant race of eleven foot giantess and their smaller male counter parts, in an area of animal skins and wooden huts.

Population: 10,046,567

World 002: Ambritalilan [c] ~WhippetWild
name from AstralAndy
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