Insect God Prays to Phoenix Picture

Did I ever tell you guys I can't paint worth a shit with acrylics? Or any other non-digital paint for that matter!
Anyway, I tried. I'll have to get smaller brushes for what I REALLY want to do to it, but I don't have any money presently.
So anyway, this is part of some kind of fantastical mythology I'm making up as I go along.
The Phoenix, mightiest god-beast of all returns to his former reign and glory in the distant future after the human race has died out. Primal-looking creatures rise up from His ashes, feces and mucus. They are the New Gods. The eldest of these give the Phoenix their praise and allegiance, swearing to gradually restore balance on Earth and correct the damage that nearly destroyed the planet.

I have more sketches coming in a minute.
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