Audition - Heimdall Picture

This is an audition for ~AlieMey's Adoptable #3 from [link]

Name- Heimdall
Age- ageless (about 10ish)
Gender- Male
Species- Wolf (no apparent distinction)
Appearance- large and muscular, about 6.5ft long from nose to tail and about 3.5ft tall at the shoulder, weighing in at a hefty 180lbs with paws of about 12in long (when measuring a paw print), regular sized ears and a semi-bushy tail; his coat reflects the images of space, and it will change as does the view of the sky, shooting stars may fly across his pelt and asteroids may collide on any given day, the colors range from deeps blacks and purples to lighter blues and greens; a swirling galaxy remains over his right eye, and a black hole remains on his left hip.
History- Heimdall does not recall much of his history, though he vaguely remembers always keeping his eyes to the stars and those in his family. Every the watchful one, he would take it upon himself to follow any mischievous youngsters that wandered off without permission or an escort. Many times has he saved those who wandered alone, but he only sees it as his duty. His senses are very sharp, which allow him to continue to be the watchful eye of the pack. Distant memories of Gods, Goddesses, and a rainbow bridge come to him in dreams, and he can't help but think that he was once part of something greater than his current life.

design - ~AlieMey
reference - ~MoonsongStock
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