Furries vs Planet Of the Apes Picture

In the future... mankind is screwed. Decades of genetic research and countless advances in science merely paved the way for the birth and rise of new civilizations. And with mankind out of the way, it fell upon the animal kingdom to rule the world. Furries vs Planet of the Apes.

In this fight, we will be diving into the science of the animal kingdom and applying new techniques to my research methods. Both of these factions will be grounded in reality, both having their roots in the animal world. Also this fight brings up a whole new list of challenges... mostly dealing with furries, because there isn't a science to them. We don't know their strengths and weaknesses, but we can find examples of furries scattered throughout history, throughout mythology.

When talking about Planet of the Apes, we aren't talking about your regular monkeys and gorillas. These are genetically enhanced apes. For them we need to analyze these differences, both mentally and physically.

This is a FireFight battle I don't think anyone ever planned on experiencing...
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