Nava-Verse Archives #54: Archangels Set 1 Picture

The Seven Heavenly Virtues are righteous qualities that all good mortals should at least try to uphold. They are Charity (counterpart Greed), Chastity (counterpart Lust), Diligence (counterpart Sloth), Humility (counterpart Pride), Kindness (counterpart Envy), Patience (counterpart Wrath) and Temperance (counterpart Gluttony). They are the opposite of the Seven Deadly Sins, and like the sins each have their own representative Archfiends, each of the virtues has its own representative Archangel. Archangels are more powerful than Archfiends, being more comparable to Primal Deities, and exist in similarly limited numbers (to Archfiends). There are no Greater/Lesser Beings/Beasts for the virtues; this is made up for by there being a greater number of non–virtue–related angel types than non–sin–related demon types. Each Archangel has a unique pair of "Charms" that float around it and grant special powers. Here we present three of the seven Archangels in part one of a two–part guide to them.

Seralphet (Archangel of Temperance): Embodying honor, justice and self–control, as well as aspects of some of the other virtues, the Seralphet is the most powerful of all Archangels. It is a tall, elderly–looking and bearded, floating, legless and winged being that wields powerful Rainbow Energy magic and is immeasurably wise. Not necessarily knowledgeable, like the Conscapt or the Custodian, but rather, mindful, perceptive and able to judge people and things objectively. The Seralphet's "Charms" allow it to look into the soul of any being anywhere (usually they are called upon by the being in question first, as they don't just go around looking into people's souls at random all day) and view the content of their character in its purest form. If the person is relatively pure of heart, the Seralphet may bring good fortune to them. But if they are purely evil, the Archangel will either strike them down then and there or do everything in its power to make their life a living Hell. Note that it only does this when it is truly justified. Most of the time, the Seralphet leaves people alone after looking into their souls.
Its other powers include emitting a blinding glow from the pure golden magical crown on top of its head (which is actually part of its body) and forming powerful supernatural barriers/force fields. In combat, the Seralphet fires massive burning energy blasts from its hands that expand as they move through the air to the point that they could destroy a planet if shot at it from a great enough distance.
The Seralphets are among the few permanent residents of the Temple of Infinity, another being Vaynmizs. They are present at all the great heavenly meetings held by the aforementioned lord. Their durability value is 35,000 and about 200 of them exist.

Cherumose (Archangel of Kindness): One of two female Archangels. The Cherumose is a benevolent entity that embodies love, compassion and friendship. Some of her qualities are shared with the Archangel of Charity. Beautiful and constantly jovial, Cherumoses have long, tall, floating forms with hollow lower bodies that start out solid and pot–like at the waist, but transition into patchwork cloth near the bottom. Directly below the body is a perpetual cloud of rather colorful smoke that keeps the angel afloat and will immediately reform if disrupted. One eye is located on the face, and another on the forehead. Their arms branch out into three pairs of hands, and they have oversized, sensitive ears. They are somewhat vain, but always good–natured and attentive when someone else needs their help; they assist the souls in Paradise with resolving any problems that come up in the afterlife. The "Charms" of the Cherumose resemble eyes and shoot hot pink beams of love that bring out the kindness and subdue the hostility in anyone they hit for a considerable length of time. This ability is used both to cheer up and comfort people and to neutralize hostiles, and it is next to impossible to kill a Cherumose as a result of the latter function; not to mention that only a horribly despicable monster would ever want to do such a thing. Her durability value is about 20,000, which adds further difficulty to harming her.

Lavkight (Archangel of Diligence): The other female Archangel, and the most powerful type of female creature in the largely male–dominated Nava–Verse. Lavkights are glowing blue–bodied humanoids with magical armor attached to their bodies and headdresses that are almost as large as the heads themselves. This is not a problem for them, as they are so physically strong that they can carry them on their heads without being encumbered whatsoever. The same goes for their armor, which is also quite heavy. The Lavkights embody enthusiasm for the cause of good, fortitude, willpower and honor in battle. As such, they are dedicated fighters who are at the very top of the Heavenly Realms' hierarchy of warriors and would serve as the high generals in an organized army of angels, directly under Bestamiak. They can fight with their claws, which can cut through the thickest of metals, but are also automatically highly proficient in wielding any and all weapons given to them. Their "Charms" are throwing star–like objects which circle around their heads and can be shot at enemies at will, moving through the air at hundreds of miles per hour. After they hit (or miss) their target, they disappear and re–materialize in their orbit around the Lavkight's head. The black orbs of light surrounding their arms, on the other hand, are just for show.
Unlike other angels, the Lavkight's face is scarred and rugged, which reflects her dedication and sacrifice. Her durability value is 25,000.

This entry will be supplemented with presentations of three additional, lesser angels:

Dorbuilec: A flying, "drone–like" angel made by Vaynmizs that is considered the "middle child" among the "trinity" of airborne, combative, non–humanoid angels consisting of itself, the Yuyonarf and the Harus–Ovactus; that is, it is in–between the tiny Yuyonarf and the massive Harus–Ovactus in size and strength. It can be found in both the Temple of Infinity and Neo–Skyhold, and, on rare occasions, in the mortal realm. The Dorbuilec has a very unique and rather strange form, but a surprisingly functional one nonetheless. Its upper body is an elaborate, ornate semi–sphere outfitted with several aerodynamic gizmos that allow it to fly, which brings us to one of the first peculiarities of the Dorbuilec: its flying abilities are mechanical, rather than magical as with basically all other flying angels. That being said, though, the mechanisms that provide its flight do seem inordinately powerful given their sizes, and they are considered to have some magical properties, albeit of the kind which boosts driving force, rather than that which inherently, specifically grants flight. Atop the Dorbuilec's upper body is a small "head" with no features besides a single eye that can shoot paralyzing but non–lethal Rainbow Energy beams. Atop this "head" is an attached, aesthetic "crown" piece.
Dorbuilecs' lower bodies are also roughly spherical, but slightly smaller (barring the massive arms which will be elaborated on shortly) and much more compactly solid, lacking any aerodynamic mechanisms or hollowed airways. Near the bottom of this "trunk", and from the lone visible cavity in it, the Dorbuilec's lower eyepiece juts out. Resembling a camera or small telescope, this eyepiece is far more flexible than the one at the very top of the angel's body, and can shoot beams that are smaller than the ones fired from said other eye but also more lethal. Protruding from the sides of the Dorbuilec's lower body are perhaps the most noticeable components of its body, its two large, beefy arms. These arms boast positively extra–mortal strength in terms of both punching and lifting, and end in large, rainbow–crystalline hands that are ingrained with a form of Rainbow Energy that burns demonic and other inherently wicked beings to the touch. While moving on the ground, either by choice or due to its flight mechanisms being damaged, a Dorbuilec will use its arms as "legs", walking lumberingly with them.
The Dorbuilec's exact, extra–corporeal durability value is 2,000; there are few discernible differences between specimens. They are voiceless, possessing only basic sentience/sapience.

Sibiowich: A female creation of Bestamiak with a perpetually youthful, unique humanoid form and a shy, withdrawn personality that is considered imperfect in a way uncharacteristic of angelic beings and more in line with the nature of mortals. Sibiowiches consider themselves, and are considered by others, their "father" included, to be literal "daughters" of Bestamiak, and they, in the historically small but presently growing numbers in which they exist, reside in large academy–like estates in the innermost circle of Paradise, where all sixteen of the plane's coexisting, parallel versions converge into one. There, they are trained in an art that only they are truly capable of effectively using: White Magic.
White Magic is to Rainbow Energy as Dark Magic is to Infernal Energy, being a separate but related form of power that is usually manifested in the form of "spells" whose only tangibility lies in their effects, as opposed to more "solid" projectiles and other masses of pure energy. Its major applications include healing of both physical and spiritual varieties as well as other beneficial enchantments to living things. White Magic's scarcely–glanced "form" appears to be that of pure, blindingly white light, which contrasts with the multicolored glow characteristic of Rainbow Energy. Though Sibiowiches are the only beings that can utilize White Magic to its full potential, Bestamiak, the Bivangrantes and the Lavkights all possess knowledge of how to use it that the potential users of the unique power themselves initially lack, and these beings were the first to pass that knowledge on to the earliest Sibiowich trainees. Since then, most further instruction has been conducted by older Sibiowiches who have already mastered the art of White Magic, though Bivangrantes, Lavkights and even Bestamiak himself still occasionally step in and participate to ensure that the knowledge originating in them remains fully intact and does not "deteriorate" from being handed down too many times.
Physically, Sibiowiches are consistently near five feet in height, being lean and lanky and with their heads and faces having a particular "longness". They have dimly–glowing pink skin and possess all the bodily features shared among young (twenty–ish) mortal women of most races. Born naked, their "clothing", unlike that of most other angels humanoid which is actually part of those beings' bodies, is truly clothing, and consists of a uniform, originally hand–crafted by Bestamiak himself but subsequently "manufactured" by other skilled angelic beings based on his designs, that has many aesthetic variations but a consistent basic form. The most key feature of the Sibiowich uniform is a tall, distinctively pointed hat with a large, circular brim. The uniforms themselves have no magical properties, their special functions being limited to standard formfitting and the symbolic aspect of their basic design being meant to instill discipline and humility. The bodies of the Sibiowiches themselves are corporeal, with durability values of 700–1,000. While still in the initial stages of her training, a Sibiowich possesses and uses a magical, curved baton to assist in casting spells. By the time she has reached a near–peak level of White Magic mastery, this accessory is no longer needed nor discernibly beneficial and is handed down to another, younger Sibiowich as she begins her own studies. In addition, another magical tool, known as a "Wiccha–Charm", is sometimes temporarily attuned to Sibiowiches during parts of their training, floating above their heads in halo–like fashion and augmenting the potency of any spells they cast while equipped with it. Unlike the training baton, the Wiccha–Charm continues to be useful and provide benefit even when a wearer's natural White Magic proficiency is fully–realized. However, Sibiowiches who have completed their primary training are seldom given access to it outside of emergencies and otherwise heated situations. The Sibiowich specimen pictured here is shown with both of these accessories.
As alluded to previously, the Sibiowich is perhaps the most "mortal–like" of all angels in multiple respects, much like the Labeiqers are considered the most angel–like mortals. As stated above, Sibiowiches are imperfect beings who are almost as prone to fault as most mortals and need to be heavily disciplined in order to become proper adherents of their purpose (that being the practice and mastery of White Magic). There is great nuance and variation among their personalities and learning abilities, and they have tendencies to become bored and/or depressed, though usually only for short whiles. Their corporeal, full–featured bodies which need to be covered with clothing are also atypical of angelic beings. There have been more cases of Sibiowiches "going rogue" than with any other type of angel except the unstable and exploitable Harus–Ovactus, though these cases are still rare overall; far more common are instances of Sibiowiches committing, out of genuine lapses of consciousness rather than deliberately turning to evil, isolated transgressions for which they repent soon after and are eventually forgiven.

Lomshosia: A (roughly) humanoid angelic warrior that serves as a guard in both Paradise and the Temple of Infinity and, in theory, as a stalwart defensive unit among an angelic army. The Lomshosia is a plump, armored figure with both corporeal and extra–corporeal bodily components. It possesses a halo, a relative rarity among "pure" angels that were never mortal humanoids, which is, in its particular, unique case, surrounded by a small aura of fiery Rainbow Energy which is also present on the angel's shoulders and in its lower legs, the latter of which are literally made out of this unique form of Rainbow Energy. The nature of its legs allows (and requires) the Lomshosia to levitate indefinitely, though it lacks free–flight powers and can only float a few feet above the ground. If subjected to a drop from a high altitude, it would fall like any regular object for most of the vertical distance but stop in midair just short of hitting the ground, going unharmed. Lomshosias carry with them at all times handheld shields of moderate size but unparalleled fortitude, the tools being almost completely unbreakable by virtue of obviously magical properties. However, the body of a Lomshosia itself, while hardier than almost any normal mortal, is not nearly so invincible, and the angel must be skilled in moving its shield around itself to block attacks that come its way. When and if a Lomshosia is killed, its shield swiftly evaporates along with its body, preventing enemies from taking and using the mighty tool. The lone eye socket on this angel's face is empty, its actual visual receptors (of which there are usually far more than a single pair) instead being located on the front surface of its shield. This makes proper shield operation an even greater necessity for the Lomshosia, as the tool constitutes not only its source of protection, but its source of vision as well. Note that this angel's eyes are not a vulnerable point, as they are just as nigh–indestructible as the shield itself. The empty eye socket on its face, however, is quite vulnerable if successfully struck. The Lomshosia's durability value, excluding its shield, is 1,800. Although the organic, corporeal components of all Lomshosias are nearly identical, this is not the case with shield and armor designs, which vary greatly between specimens. These angels are intelligent and fully capable of speech, but not very talkative.
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