Vitharr und Bragi Picture

The year is 1883 of the common era. The Jötunn Vitharr and Bragi fight for the last population of Cuetzpalin in the planet of Tredius, kept in the realm of Hel, under the Jötunn's cavernous cities of Nifelheimr. The first, a bounty hunter, has been employed to keep them in their jail, while the second, a rebel, wants to set them free and lead them where they belong: The Jungles and Deserts from the Mesoamerica, far away from that cold prison. But behind these Jötunn shells, there are Cuetzpalin minds hiding within, these Jötunn are but hosts to ancient Cuetzpalin whose Tonalcoatl (a snake-like organ from the Cuetzpalin that guards them consciousness and can become a parasite to other vertebrates until it takes over its body). And as fateful as it may be, these two Cuetzpalin have been once great friends, and then great enemies, after one has betrayed the other and his entire kind -Born in 10th Century Aztlán, Axayacatl was Tlacochcalcatl and Cuauhtemoc was Tlaccatecal (second in command) of the Toltec Cuetzpalin militia. Their roles have inverted after they have been stranded alongside a small portion of other Toltec Cuetzpalin and hunahu (humans) in Northern Europe, after a naval battle against the Chimú. Once there, Cuauhtemoc has helped both the Neo Asgardians and the Banterans in freeing themselves from the Jötunn, what earnt him the position of a champion, while Axayacatl, who spent all the travel seeking to get back to Tollan (the Toltec capital), has instead contacted the Palarokhian Order, a pack of magicians who were some of the last remnants or sucessors of an ancient tradition of magic, the Topakar Magic, and sold the Banterans for them, earning Cuauhtemoc's enmity for the rest of their century-lasting lives. Now, the fate of the Cuetzpalin and the Mexica are at stake once again. Who knows how long their legacy will last.

This is a piece from my sketchbook related to the CUETZPALIN Mythos
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