Onuma Clan (colored) Picture

The Onuma Clan is a group of 7 demon-ogre hybrids who each represent one of the Seven Deadly Sins and are based on seven demons from Judeo-Christian mythology, a reference to Peter Binsfeld's classification of demons, as well as elements and references to the epic poem Paradise Lost by John Milton, The Lesser Key of Solomon (Clavicula Salomonis Regis), a well known book in demonology, amongst other material. They were all created 314,432 (68 in immortal years) years ago by Dark Father Apockálypsi̱s, the true founder of the group, the oldest and powerful demon at a million years old, and the True Super Onuma.

According to legend, Apockálypsi̱s is the Ancient Demon Incarnate of the Apocalypse and the True Super Onuma of all Sins, sealed away a thousand years ago by The Ancient Heroes of the Legends. Based off this tale, in the Age of the Immortals, Apockálypsi̱s appeared and waged war against the people of Cho̱rióppidum, and destroyed the other gods in a quest to take control of the world and reshape it into his own image. The Ancient Heroes of the Legends appeared, and with the aid of three sacred artifacts, The Sword of the White Flame, The Wind Sphere, and The Mirror of Ice, destroyed Apockálypsi̱s, separated its body into pieces, and sealed away the seven most powerful portions into Spirit Keys.

However, over the course of a million years A.C. (After Christ), this legend is revealed to be the product of much confusion as the true story of Apockálypsi̱s is revealed to be much more complex and tragic, culminating with the struggle of seven human friends (previous incarnations of the Onuma Clan) who were chosen and forced to do horrible things under the influence of ogre-demons called the Onuma.

These seven human friends were Kovarw, Zzarg, Aneevne, Kols, Momolg, Rol, and Esnohpecul, who sold their souls to the original Ancient Onuma, demonic creatures who barter with humans for their own gains and insidious agenda, in order to stop a being of ultimate power and evil called The Ancient Wise Minister, the original cause of the War of the Immortals, who murdered their friends and family in his quest to pro-magnate every living soul. These five called themselves collectively, "Amuno", named after the small village on the hill they all lived.

Unknown to the siblings, the Ancient Onuma were amongst the most foul, evil, and cruel creatures in all existence and have been building up a massive and demonic army throughout the years, all comprised of strong and powerful individuals who have bartered with them and had their souls and bodies re-manifested as monstrosities. Their one, true goal was to accumulate massive amounts of power from the negative energies and feelings of their victims and unleash them as their armies into the world in order to bring about the end of the entire realm and the massacre of all mortals for their own personal enjoyment.

As the core essence of the Ancient Onuma is not bonded to any physical shape, the entities need to possess other individuals to achieve a physical presence within the world to embark on their schemes for destruction. To this end, the seven humans were judged by the Ancient Onuma as having so much power, that they would become the window to their minds and power to lead their armies years later once their plans and power reached their peak.

The Ancient Wise Minister eventually readied a massive army comprised of thousands of his followers, all of whom were being controlled by the villain's seductive powers, and Black Dragons as he sought to convert all living souls to demons to be absorbed into his being. When the Amuno Clan confronted The Ancient Wise Minister's forces, the Ancient Onuma's influence took command of the Amuno Clan's minds and bodies to enact their own agenda of violence without the Amuno Clan truly knowing what was occurring.

It was then that the seven humans realized that the deal they made with the demonic creatures was a mortally fatal decision as the Ancient Onuma planned from the very beginning to use the humans as pawns in their ultimate desires for destruction. The humans became uncontrollable killing machines that slaughtered millions within the war, destroyed the other gods, and caused immense devastation at the Ancient Onuma's behest, only gaining their composure after the incredible carnage.

Looking over a sea of blood and corpses, the humans were horrified at what they had done, even if they had no control over their actions. Towards the end of the war, they were killed by the Ancient Heroes of the Legends, who ironically failed to kill The Ancient Wise Minister as they believed Amuno was the bigger threat, while The Ancient Wise Minister himself was eventually put out of commission millennia later.

Despite losing and never achieving what they bartered for, the seven humans still had to give their souls over to the Ancient Onuma as they agreed and the price was absolute. The Ancient Onuma had much bigger and complex plans for the humans over the next thousand years and manipulated countless more individuals to ensure that Apockálypsi̱s and his power debuted in a horrific war to conquer the world and throw it into the depths of destruction forever.

Despite not being seen as the catalyst behind Apockálypsi̱s' rampage, the Ancient Heroes of the Legends still recognized the Onuma as an active participant within the war and had their stronghold, Dark Keep, banished to an alternate dimension, with the stronghold later being known as Onuma Spiral Castle, after a brutal battle with the aid of several surviving, human soldiers. Despite their exile, the Onuma had already made schemes to return in full force.

With the Brethren's threat temporarily neutralized, The Ancient Heroes of the Legends next divided the humans' bodies into the seven Spirit Keys, and scattered the pieces across the land with the power of the Onuma keeping portions of the earth containing the Spirit Keys floating, now known as the five continents. As the power corrupted their souls, the seven humans became Onuma themselves, forced to bend to the will of the superior Onuma. The Spirit Keys themselves would serve as portals to the Onuma power and would seep through into the real world to manipulate the course of events in the future to achieve the Onuma's goals and ensure of their return to the physical dimension.

This reveals that Apockálypsi̱s was simply made up of seven humans-turned-Onuma who tried to stop a great evil known as The Ancient Wise Minister and later fell under the control of the Ancient Onuma. Thus, The Ancient Wise Minister and the Ancient Onuma were the true instigators of the War of the Gods, but their crimes were never recorded due to all the confusion in the course of the war. The legend itself would be incorrectly retold over the years into a tale in which the humans were described as having unleashed the Ancient Onuma into the war rather than being manipulated by them. Over the years, the Onuma's control over the humans transforms their souls and bodies into Onuma with the ultimate goal of commissioning both sets to form Apockálypsi̱s as a demonic reincarnated manifestation under their control.

Each of the Onuma has their own crest displayed in one of the seven colors of the visible spectrum of light.

Wravok Gek Akaikari (leader)
  • Sin: Wrath
  • Color: Red
  • Element: Fire
  • Planet: Jupiter
  • Japanese Spirit Seal: Gekido (激怒)
  • Corresponding Day: Tuesday
  • Goal: To see his plans come to fruition

Grazz Yo Murasakiroku ("Sergeant of Operations")

  • Sin: Greed
  • Color: Purple
  • Element: Earth
  • Planet: Saturn
  • Japanese Spirit Seal: Yoku (欲)
  • Corresponding Day: Saturday
  • Goal: To become "truly" immortal and possess all the world's riches

Enveena Se Midorenbo

  • Sin: Envy
  • Color: Green
  • Element: Wood
  • Planet: Mercury
  • Japanese Spirit Seal: Senbō (羨望)
  • Corresponding Day: Thursday
  • Goal: See Onuma be the dominant life forms over humans and destroy the human race

Slok Na Aomakemono (Senior Mentor)

  • Sin: Sloth
  • Color: Blue
  • Element: Water
  • Planet: Mars
  • Japanese Spirit Seal: Namakemono (ナマケモノ)
  • Corresponding Day: Wednesday
  • Goal: To finish his "bothersome" task so he can sleep

Glomom Oku Orenjiroku

  • Sin: Gluttony
  • Color: Orange
  • Element: Gold
  • Planet: Venus
  • Japanese Spirit Seal: Ōkui (大食い)
  • Corresponding Day: Friday
  • Goal: To eat

Lor Yoku Shirubo (Spy)

  • Sin: Lust
  • Color: White
  • Element: Moon
  • Planet: Moon
  • Japanese Spirit Seal: Yokubō (欲望)
  • Corresponding Day: Monday
  • Goal: Manipulate the truth to create chaos and destruction, and to find love

Lucephonse Pur Kirokori (Outsider)

  • Sin: Pride
  • Color: Yellow
  • Element: Sun
  • Planet: Sun
  • Japanese Spirit Seal: Puraido (プライド)
  • Corresponding Day: Sunday
  • Goal: The completion of his own true plan

Dark Father Apockálypsi̱s (creator and founder of the Onuma)

  • Sin: All
  • Color: Rainbow
  • Element: All
  • Planet: Solar System
  • Japanese Spirit Seal: Mokushiroku (黙示録)
  • Corresponding Day: The entire week
  • Goal: To open the Spirit Seal Gate and become a 'Perfect God', obtain all the knowledge and power of the planets, and obtain absolute freedom from the "Gods".

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