Nava-Verse Archives #75: Vehicular Set 1 Picture

The following are some of the vehicles and vehicular living entities of various shapes, sizes and functions that can be found throughout the many different parts of the Nava–Verse. Here we have an angelic creature used as a vehicle, a demonic one, a set of typical inanimate, humanoid–made motorized vehicles, and one exceptionally massive humanoid–made vessel.


Veh–Pod: The standard "car" used by the Mulshians of Ergnoplis. The Veh–Pod was the first of the three common motorized Ergnoplian vehicles to be invented, first being developed in the Fourth Century Relative (finished in Age 361, to be exact). It is a round, land–based hovercraft with an inflated base that is propelled and kept afloat by a powerful fan on its bottom. Veh–Pods come in multiple sizes, with capacities ranging from one to five people, and some have retractable glass domes over their cockpits, while others do not. Their designs have increased greatly in diversity over the years since their invention, and presently there are several different competing manufacturers of Veh–Pod operating on Ergnoplis. At least one out of every two Mulshians owns one of these vehicles.

Stilto–Van: A moderately–sized (as far as vehicles of its type go) military tank that exists in limited numbers and was invented in Age 423. All Stilto–Vans are owned by the four capital cities of Ergnoplis, and are generally brought out only during wartime. Nearly the size of a Treymoz and rather similar in shape (which is not a coincidence), the Stilto–Van is modestly armored and heavily armed, with multiple sets of frontal small arms and cannons. It can hold about twelve people. One pilot is in direct control of the vehicle's movement, and up to four others may take control of the different weapons. Stilto–Vans have four fairly long "legs", from which the vehicle's name is partially derived, with both wheels and retractable "toes" which are used to keep them in place when parked.

Ovi–Craft: The basic Mulshian flying machine. It was finished in Age 517. Unlike similar flying machines created by other societies, Ovi–Crafts are not commonly used by ordinary citizens, and are almost as rarely seen as Stilto–Vans, their ownership being similarly restricted mainly to military personnel and other people in generally high positions, i.e. government officials and aristocrats. Like the other Ergnoplian vehicles, the Ovi–Craft has a round main body, and it is not very aerodynamic in shape, relying on its powerful and rather gas–guzzling engines for sustained aviation. Ovi–Crafts hold six occupants and are equipped with frontally–mounted weaponry similar to the Concussive Machinegunner. One drawback of the vehicle is that its guns use up ammunition quickly, and the ship itself only carries a limited amount, as most of the extra space in its body is reserved for storing fuel, which, again, is also used up quickly.


Toalpardus: A multi–purpose living angelic extra–corporeal construct, transportation device and armored flying ship. Standing more than forty feet high and being equally as wide with a durability value of 10,000, the Toalpardus is a creation of Vaynmizs and consists of a large rectangular hull held up by a three–headed animate entity that will abide to the will of any good–natured being(s) aboard, but also contains a cockpit setup that enables direct control, just in case. It will move on its own without anyone aboard only in emergencies, and it possesses just enough intelligence and self–awareness to be able to sense when this is necessary. Only this upper part of the construct is actually alive; the lower, hull portion is simply made of inanimate extra–corporeal stone. The Toalpardus has few to no methods of attacking on its own, and is strictly a defensive unit, rather than an offensive one. There are about 100,000 of these entities that qualify as both creatures and machines in all the Heavenly Realms, and each one can carry up to about twenty average humanoid–sized individuals, either for general transport or for carrying occupants into battle. Usually, Toalpardi are utilized for the former purpose rather than the latter, as there have been only a few incidents that have justified divine intervention on a scale that would require their use, and all of them occurred early in the history of the Nava–Verse, when demon attacks in the mortal realm were more common and humanoids were less competent at defending themselves. Contrast this with nowadays, where the Toalpardus is similar in function and efficiency to the most advanced of the humanoid–made machines in the "dropship" category that can now be found in the Prime Galaxy, and thus is growing somewhat obsolete; this represents one of the few times that humanoids have ever managed to create a substitute for an angelic being or object that is on par with or better than its divine counterpart.

Carltorire: The demonic equivalent of the Toalpardus. Both are animate supernatural creatures that are used by other supernatural creatures as vehicles. In the case of the Carltorire and unlike that of the Toalpardus, acting as a means of transport was not the being's stated original purpose, and it was adapted to serve that role by the other creatures of its realm, in this case the demons. Carltorires are a unique, unsorted bestial demon species with features resembling a mixture between those of Wrath and Gluttony demons. They have the mass, girth and appetite of the latter, and the rough, spiky qualities of the former. They are naturally found in both the Gomorran Desert and the Cycian Deadlands. In both of these regions, Carltorires are born at random from nothingness, emerging from the ground and being formed out of the demonic soil, stone and dirt itself. They are large creatures similar in shape to Calsemmoths and Huncsacels, having large, gaping mouths and no lower bodies to speak of, instead relying on their powerful arms to carry themselves around. Despite weighing over one ton, the Carltorire is so physically strong that it can move at speeds of up to fifty or more miles per hour on its arms, a feat which would be impossible for any mortal creature of its weight. It has a durability value of exactly 4,000. As stated above, the Carltorire was not created as a vehicular being, and was instead cruelly forced into becoming one by the sentient demons inhabiting the City of Drenn, who removed its teeth and broke it mentally so that it would obediently carry them wherever they wanted to go in its massive mouth (which is in fact larger on the inside than it is on the outside, due to supernatural properties) whenever they were too lazy to walk/float to their destinations. As Carltorires do not reproduce at all and instead simply "appear", it is required for the demons to go out and collect new ones to "train" and use whenever the old ones die, which doesn't happen very often, since they are biologically immortal (meaning they can only be killed by trauma). Though there are no confirmed cases of demons using Carltorires in battle (for they rarely attack mortals in military contexts at all), it has been theorized that in the event of a full–on demonic invasion by the forces of Meth Stoph and Satan, the creatures would be used as "living tanks", for they are quite dangerous, even when defanged.


Skellen Mothership: The greatest technological achievement of the Skellen race, being the largest vessel ever built by them and the third–largest vessel ever built by humanoids in the Prime Galaxy altogether. The Skellen Mothership was a roughly spherical behemoth of a vessel with a circumference of more than five miles. It was built in the image of a skull–like face, having features resembling eyes, ears and a mouth (the latter of which was actually the hatch through which smaller ships could be sent out). The ship began construction in Age 200, and was finally finished in Age 214. It was subsequently upgraded a total of sixteen times before its eventual destruction (see below). Pictured here is the seventeenth and final incarnation of the Skellen Mothership.
The Skellen race held their mothership in such high regard that it essentially became their deity, and came to be considered more important than even the Skellords who ruled over the Skellen race. As a result of the extreme importance placed on the Skellen Mothership, it was rarely, if ever, taken off of Gorlune and actually used.
The Skellen Mothership met its end in Age 753, when, under the orders of Skellord Blue, it was taken to Ergnoplis as part of an attempt to invade the planet which is now known as the Third Skellen Wars. The ship was infiltrated by Mulshians led by General Yimf Badassic and most notably including the Eggmen Super Team (who were the only survivors of the mission), and following their assassination of Skellord Blue, the mothership was personally hijacked by General Badassic and made to crash into the Ergnoplian Sea at great velocity, destroying and sinking it. The Skellen Mothership's destruction, the death of Skellord Blue, and the numerous other casualties resulting from the Skellen's disastrous defeat that day sent the evil race into a severe collective depression and decline which it has yet to recover from.
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